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Evetech and nAvTV raised the bar for SA eSports events

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As with any pilot, producers take a risk when doing something new; it's either a hit or miss and in the case of the latter, a massive waste of resources. Evetech's first Champions League concluded over the weekend, and we were there to witness it all.

In the end, big things were said, like, "SA's first permanent eSports location," "bringing out the players more as personalities for the industry" and "the core focus is to make stars out of these gamers." If any South African organization can pull those things off, it's Evetech and partners, for this event, nAvTV, and MSI. They have raised the bar for local eSports events and directed the future of SA gaming into a brighter future where players and corporates work in tandem to make something we can all be proud of.

The gamers of South Africa thank you.



Evetech partnered with nAvTV to established the first permanent eSports gaming studio in South Africa. Their hope is that the studio will become the primary venue for tournaments and game launches. The layout and visual design of the studio are of excellent design and standard and provides a comfortable, yet professional venue for press, players, and organizers to enjoy. The broadcasting setup delivers a highly professional production that online audiences can appreciate. We had a quick chat with nAvTV co-founder and caster, De Wet "RidditZ" Lombard-Bovey, where he teased us with news about "multiple upcoming events."

Keep an eye on GameZone for more news about this in the near future.

If you would like to book an event, then you can email nAvTV at: or


Over the last two days of the tournament, we saw top class CS: GO action from local teams that battled it out in a double-elimination format. To get into the grand final Aperture Gaming took on CarboN eSports and locked in a comfortable win. The Grand Final between Bravado Gaming and Aperture saw the 90 seat venue packed with fans and family of the two teams. The energy in the room was electric and something we hope you experience at one of the future events. So, when Evetech announces their next project you better fight for those seats!

The best of five final kept the tension high, and although Aperture fought back, Bravado took home the lion's share of the R150 000 cash prize.




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We want to congratulate Evetech and nAvTV for hosting such a world-class event that clearly indicates the natural progression of eSports in SA. Check out the video below for some highlights of the event and a look at the first permanent eSports location for SA gaming.

We want to close with a quote from DeWet, which also leaves eSports event planners with an invitation: "First Class Studio, First Class Production, First Class Events.... Who is next?"


Cover image credit: Bravado

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"a world-class event that clearly indicates the natural progression of eSports in SA"

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