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Overwatch World Cup Team Introduction - Meet The Captain

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As promised, we'll be covering the Overwatch World Cup as much as possible, and up first is a series of interviews with the team from South Africa. We'll give you a short profile summary, followed by a few questions, and lastly, those coveted tips from SA's top Overwatch players.

Up first had to be the team captain - selected by you, the players with a 44% majority vote.

Marthinus "CarNage" Strydom

(Stats reflected as at the time of writing.)

  • Full name: Marthinus Strydom
  • Age: 22
  • Overwatch nickname: CarNage
  • Top 3 heroes: Genji, Reihnardt, Reaper
  • Top hero to play: Genji
  • Total matches played as top hero: 958 & 138 hours
  • Total competitive matches played as top hero: 157 & 37 hours
  • Hours played top hero: 139 Hours
  • Highest Rank Achieved: 78
  • Eliminations Average: 14.42
  • EU Rank: 2308 (top 1%)
  • Overwatch eSports experience: Orena’s Champions Ladder
  • Overwatch eSports Team: E.D.E.N (Captain) winners of Orena S1
  • Master Overwatch File / Blizzard Career Overview


How are you preparing the team for the world cup?

"Currently we are trying to get as much game time as possible. Last night we set up a schedule that includes just about every day of this week clocking about 2-3 hours a day, depending on player availability. During those 2-3 hours we would go over potential strategies or skirmish against other teams."

Any plans to compensating for the higher ping?

"Currently there is no plan, purely because there's not much we can do about it. However, Blizzard did a fantastic job coding the net code of the game so I don't see us being at too much of a disadvantage for it to be noticeable."

Are you happy with the team selection?

(The four E.D.E.N players in the team from are now part of Energy eSports).

(CarNage picked the final two, while the rest were chosen through a voting process).

I am more than happy with the team, each player in the team is dedicated and deserves to be there and I feel very confident as a result. However, there are players that were not selected who arguably deserve to be in the roster, but at the end of the day it was the communities decision."

Can you give me a rundown of the team's strengths?

"Unlike many of the other World Cup teams our team composes of a 4-2 split between two clans, SSG and eN.EDEN. As a result of this there is a degree of synergy and teamwork that the other teams will lack. This is the main strength I'm planning to cultivate.

Another prominent strength includes the adaptability of our team, each and every member follows the competitive scene religiously and take close notes to all the changes made in the game, this allows us to be some of the first people to adapt to a new meta."

What are your strongest and weakest maps?

"I cant really speak for the SSG players because we have yet to go through all the maps, but from what I've seen is that our team is relatively weak on KoTH maps, mainly Illios and Nepal. Our strongest maps are payloads; Kings Row in particular.

KoTH maps such as Illios and Nepal are generally very volatile. Maps such as Illios tend to snowball a lot; meaning once a team has the site its very difficult to retake it. Payload maps on the other hand, such as Kings Row, are a lot more balanced in the sense that its very difficult for teams to snowball due to the extra spawn timers and such.

These maps also last longer allowing for better degree of adaptability."

Who from the opposing teams do you think will present the greatest challenge?

"I'm pretty sure all of them will be a challenge, besides Mexico for obvious reasons. The top tier team in the Europe region at the moment is Sweden, followed by Germany, Finland and Spain. All of the teams mentioned have players that competed in the recent Atlantic Showdown and placed very high. Besting any of these teams will be a challenge."

Did the Orena Champions Ladder help prepare you for the world cup?

"Yes, most definitely. Orena helped prepare us as it introduced us to the competitive scene and showed us what was required of us to improve as a team."

How can SA fans help?

"All we ask is that they scream their loudest and cheer as hard as they can for every game we play, win or loss, because at the end of the day we're also playing for them . We'll need their support to keep motivated!"

5 Overwatch tips from captain CarNage

  1. Stick with the meta - Balancing hero's perfectly are almost impossible, others will always be stronger than some, so pick the stronger one.
  2. Communicate - Communication is key in Overwatch; use your mic and give detailed explanations as to what's happening around you.
  3. Don't be afraid to trade kills when you're attacking - The defender spawn time is longer than yours.
  4. Don't hold your ultimate for so long - Use it within 30 seconds of getting it, if not, you're wasting charge for your next ultimate.
  5. Always remain positive - I know people struggle with this, but a positive attitude wins games.

Talking about the latest meta; check out the video below from Overwatch Central where they predict the new meta based on changes from the PTR. In summary; Zenyatta moves down while Mercy moves up because of her healing boost increase. Lúcio remains the top pick even though he receives a slight nerf. When it comes to offensive heroes Genji remains a top pick "even though he had his wings clipped." Mccree moves down while Soldier: 76 moves up.Reaper and Tracer remains on strong footing as popular control map heroes. On the defensive hero side Hanzo could shoot to the top if the PTR changes (major buffs on several fronts) carry over to the official game. Mei received a buff to her ult, so she might become a more poplar choice in competitive play.

Genji cover image by CarNage 

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"Orena helped prepare us as it introduced us to the competitive scene"

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