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What you can win and where you should shop for amazing SA deals


We haven't done a "deals" article in quite a while because most of the time it's not really a saving - if you know what I mean. When we publish that something is an amazing deal, then we want you to know that it really is a sale you shouldn't miss. Where possible we'll also list comparison prices (three best) to make it easier for you to see if the item on sale is really that great.

Now that we've settled that, here are your South African game and tech deals that deserve a portion of your salary - not the biggest chunk, just some of it ;). We'll also throw in a few locally run competitions that you definitely have to enter.

Please note: Price reflected as at the time of writing & our selections are not a reflection on the quality of the product, only the price.

Makro's 45th BIG Birthday Bash

Makro's big birthday bash end on August 29, so you have only a few days left to grab a deal. Don't forget to enter Makro's wish list competition, where you stand a change to win a dream gift.

BT Games: XB1 500G + The Division R4999 / Takealot: XB1 500G + Quantum Break R4999 /  CNA: XB1 500G + FIFA16 R4499

Takealot: R7999

Games On Sale


Digital Sales

  • Steam: Witcher 3 at 50% discount R249
  • Steam: Dark Souls III 33% discount R535
  • PSN: SFV Standard Edition R369 / Deluxe Edition R469
  • Deals with Gold: Mirror's Edge Catalyst at 40% discount
  • First PlayStation Humble Bundle - The Capcom Bundle

More Items On Sale


That's it for today. If I missed a competition or a sale then please drop us a comment and we'll update the articles as soon as possible.

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