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CS:GO Evetech Champion’s League Finals - What you need to know

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One of the most exciting things in gaming is watching an eSports tournament live, especially if it's South Africa's top six Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) teams shooting it out for their share of the massive R150,000 cash prize pool! I am of course talking about the EvetechChampion’s League (ECL) Season 1 LAN Finals. Not everyone can spectate the ECL live, as the event is by invite only and very limited space is available - no tickets can be purchased.

However, there is some good news for you. We have two double tickets (for you and a partner) to give away, and all you have to do is tell us that you want the tickets! How easy is that :). So, the first two people who drop a comment below get the tickets. No competition, simply a "first come, first serve" freebie. (Don't forget to thank Evetech with a tweet or Facebook post  - include the hashtag #ECL).

If you weren't quick enough, then don't despair, you can still watch the finals.

A few words from Evetech

Evetech Champions League Season 1 LAN Finals will be be held at the Evetech Head Offices in Centurion Pretoria on 2 – 4 September. On the ECL page, Evetech explains that: “We're excited to partner with nAvTV in this initiative to give back to the community that has helped and supported Evetech's growth. We have the most competitive pricing in the market for Desktop Computers, Laptops and various components.

From our humble beginnings we've blossomed in to the number 1 online computer shop with some of the best deals in South Africa. We couldn't have done it without you.”

ECL  - Sponsors

The event would'nt have been possible without the sponsors, so a big "thank you" to them for helping SA eSports grow.

ECL - Streaming

If you don’t manage to win one of the double tickets, you can always watch all the action live on:

Don't forget to stop by the ECL main event page here.

ECL CS: GO - SA's Top 6 & Schedule

Last but not least, the teams - in no particular order.

ECL schedule.png

The video team, madeyoulook, will cover the LAN finals for us on Saturday and Sunday (3-4 September), so keep an eye on GameZone for their usual epic event coverage.

The CS: GO Evetech Champion’s League is going to be an eSports event you don't want to miss - and you can be there - right where the action is happening! Just drop us a sweet comment and a double ticket is yours.


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