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Predator MGMS COD BLOPS3 Q2: What you missed from the epic finale

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The finals of the Predator MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) second qualifier for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (PS4) took place this weekend. Out of the six teams that remained, only two progressed to the Predator MGMS Grand Finals (1 and 2 October) and one remained undefeated throughout the competition. Here's what you missed from the Predator MGMS Black Ops II second qualifier showdown this past weekend.

Losers Bracket Round 10 - Ventus Gaming Vs RoyaL eSports

Saturday marked the beginning of the matches as we kicked off our first game between Ventus Gaming and RoyaL eSports. We interviewed both team captains ahead of the game on Friday, where both believed that they had what it would take to beat their opposition. It was, however, a more one-sided affair as Ventus Gaming powered through to dismiss their opposition 3-0. 

Ventus Gaming Vs Insane Gaming

Ventus Gaming looked confident in their game against RoyaL eSports but were facing an even tougher opponent in their next match, Insane Gaming

Insane Gaming had just managed to beat Vice Gaming 3-0 in the match before and were looking to make their way up to the top of the ladder to face either ViNCO Gaming or Energy eSports in the losers bracket final. 

Ventus Gaming, being a rather young squad, were looking to build on their success in the EGE 2016 LAN where they managed to make it to the top five of the competition. The squad, despite the inexperience, were proving themselves to be a big threat to some of the most seasoned of teams in the Predator MGMS second qualifier. 

Insane Gaming, on the other hand, would have to rely on their experience and look to their captain to guide them to victory. As the two squads collided it seemed that Insane Gaming couldn't keep up with the pace set by the young, quick and concise Ventus Gaming team. After winning the first map Ventus Gaming continued to grow in confidence as they effortlessly pulled away from their opposition to taking the match 3-0. Ventus now would have to wait to face the winner of the match between Energy eSports and ViNCO Gaming to see who they would face in the Losers Bracket Final. 

Winner's Bracket Final - ViNCO Gaming Vs Energy eSports

The Sunday marked the beginning of the end for our three remaining teams in the competition. Energy eSports, ViNCO Gaming and Ventus Gaming were all in the race to grab the last two invites to the Predator MGMS Grand Finals where they would join Carbon Astra and Hi5 Gaming. 

In the ACGL Twitter poll that asked the question, "Who do you think will win the #PredatorMGMS Q2 today? 159 people voted, with 55% of them believing Energy eSports would take the title. ViNCO Gaming followed in second with 34% of the vote and Ventus Gaming with 11%. 

Going into the Winner's Bracket Final, ViNCO Gaming would have to pull off an upset in order to take the win. They managed to do exactly that by taking the game 3-1 and knocked Energy eSports into the losers bracket final. 

Loser's Bracket Final - Energy eSports Vs Ventus Gaming 

Ventus Gaming finally had their opposition, and it was non-other than the tournament favourites Energy eSports. Energy eSports were undoubtedly frustrated after the previous loss and were looking to shut the game down quickly in order to have their chance at revenge against ViNCO Gaming. 

Ventus Gaming, however, were looking to pull off an upset of their own. Going into the first map, both teams were tied up in the final hill of Hardpoint. The experience of Energy eSports was enough to pull through for them to take the lead. Energy eSports took the momentum of the first map to completely bulldoze their opposition in the second map of Search and Destroy. 

Ventus Gaming were facing the possibility of being decimated by their opposition and needed to win three maps in a row in order to move to win the match. It started off extremely well in the third map for the team as they swept Energy eSports aside with a convincing win. In the Capture the flag, however, Ventus Gaming took the lead going into the second half. Energy eSports seemingly couldn't break the stiff defense of Ventus Gaming, who had become less aggressive on the attack. Ventus Gaming's failure to capitalise on their opposition, caused them to face a constant attack from Energy eSports, which eventually broke the Ventus Gaming defense to take the map and the victory. 

Final - ViNCO Gaming Vs Energy eSports 

Energy eSports could finally breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that they had qualified for the Predator MGMS Grand Final. The relief didn't last too long as they now had their chance to claim revenge on the team that beat them in the first match of the day, ViNCO Gaming. 

The match saw a back and forth in the first two maps and the teams were tied one all. In the third map the teams were tied up and full time, pushing the match into overtime. ViNCO Gaming managed to take the win and now were only one map away from taking the match. Energy eSports bounced back again in confident style in the fourth map to tie up the scores. 

We moved to the last map of Search and Destroy where both teams were trading rounds, but ,in the end, it was ViNCO Gaming who broke away to win (6-4) to take the match. 

We caught up with the team captain Dale "Twist" Dolpire to find out his thoughts after the game, here is what he had to say: 

"We're extremely happy that we were able to end off a successful #PredatorMGMS Qualifiers 2 with a victory over Energy eSports; possibly our toughest opponents to date this season. A big thank you goes out to all our partners and supporters for the continuous support throughout the season! 

Being undefeated in the qualifiers really does mean a lot to the team. We have actively been practicing and working to improve our gameplay and team chemistry and I am proud of the team for achieving the results that we have.

Qualifying for the #PredatorMGMS Championships in October means a lot to myself and the team. The two qualifiers attracted all teams from the local community; with the main objective being to qualify for the final LAN event. Being one of the four teams that qualified is a great achievement for the team, and we are extremely honoured to have the opportunity to play alongside some of the top teams in Southern Africa. 

Once again, a big thank you goes out to all our partners and supporters that are encouraging us to achieve great results: ASTRO Gaming, Evopoints, Scoop Distribution, and #PWND. "


The top three teams will bag the following cash prize in this qualifier:

  • 1st: ViNCO Gaming – R5,000 
  • 2nd: Energy eSports Prize – R3,000 
  • 3rd: Ventus Gaming – R2,000 (Raru Vouchers) 

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