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The eerie world of LAD

Yesterday Black Chair Games released the second demo of LAD, a puzzle platformer for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and Kindle Fire.  

I miss the eerie, mind-flipping, terrifyingly beautiful world of Limbo. Few puzzle games have the ability to grab my attention and hold it in a vice grip consisting of equal parts terror, wonder and intellectual challenge. Limbo was such a game, and it spawned LAD. My life will be complete again.      


In the press release, Black Chair Games described LAD as “A dark, eerie, atmospheric thinking game inspired by ‘Limbo’ in the mould of a puzzle platformer.” LAD certainly mirrors the art and game environment of LIMBO. Black Chair Games founder, Keith Curtis, says that although LAD has a lot of similarities to LIMBO, it will offer its own unique style of puzzle solving and an intriguing storyline. LIMBO was a benchmark for Indie puzzle games and following in its dark footsteps will be a challenge. If you take a closer look at the LAD homepage, you will notice that the main character appears in a white and black form. LAD could also stand for Light and Dark, these assumptions certainly hold the promise of interesting avenues of exploration.  

Black Chair Games is an Indie company that develops games and applications for the Apple and Android platforms. To date they have released four titles; Star Serum, LineAr(X), Helmet Hero and the Crossbar Challenge.  

Check out the latest demo footage of LAD.  

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