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Update | South Africa invited to the Overwatch World Cup

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I'll just leave this here. 

Blizzard announced the Overwatch World Cup - and South Africa appears under the European invited countries. In other news, Blizzard reports over 15 million Overwatch players - resulting in the " biggest quarterly online player community in its [Blizzard's] history.

Update 1

Thanks to all the South African players who took the time to give us their details and prove of nomination. Once Blizzard confirmed the list we'll run an article with all the player details and other information you'll need to help make that important vote. I am sure we missed nominations, so please email your invitation from Blizzard to so we can include you in the list and the upcoming nominations player profile coverage.

  1. Michael "Arturia" Brazier
  2. Jacques "Selfmoord" Wentzel
  3. Sean "sZZ" McCalgan
  4. Marthinus "CarNage" Strydom
  5. Caleb Womack
  6. Thorn "Dup" du Preez
  7. Greg "Rora1" vdSpuy
  8. Brody "ghostR" Vernon
  9. Trevor "aurOra" Morley
  10. "Spikkels" van der Merwe
  11. Matthew "Sacralphane" Russell
  12. Jean-Luc "LikeALuke" Linssen
  13. "Senticall"
  14. William "Specter7" Reeler
  15. Kyle Wolmarans

Devon "Raliator" Williams received a nomination to play in the UK team. We wish him all the best!

On Thursday voting opens, we'll publish an article with details about each nominee (those who completed our email questionnaire.)

Update ends.

Overwatch World Cup - How it works

The Overwatch World Cup won't work like standard tournaments, as the team selection process is very different. The qualifiers will be played online, with the finals taking place at Blizcon. There is no prize pool for the competition - except "an appearance bonus and a free trip to BlizzCon." Totally worth it.

  • Blizzard picks a mix of players: Blizzard to select players from each region "who’ve climbed the ranks in Season 1 of Competitive Play."
  • Player selection: "Players are nominated based on a variety of criteria, including their skill, in-game performance, community standing in the country, and more. Our goal was to select a well-rounded group of players for the community to choose from to represent their country or region.
  • Local community votes on roster: Thursday, August 11: communities vote for "nominees they’d most like to see on their country’s team roster."
  • Online qualifiers: Kicks off in September with Round Robin as the tournament format
  • Europe: Six teams to advance to finals
  • Asia-Pacific: Six teams to advance to finals
  • Americas: Four teams to advance to finals
  • Finals at Blizcon: In November 16 final teams to compete at Blizcon

Blizzard didn't specifically state it; but the Cup is probably only for PC. You can read more about the Overwatch World Cup here. Personally, I don't think using Competitive Play ranking is the best way to select who will stand as nominees. But it's Blizzard's call, and I just hope some of our Overwatch competitive players have been leveling up in ranked matches.

World Cup.PNG

Latest Overwatch Stats

Blizzard published their second quater 2016 financial results, and it's not surprising that Overwatch is the star.

  • In China, Overwatch broke the previous record set by Diablo III as the fastest-selling PC game in the market’s history.
  • Overwatch also currently holds the number one position in Korean Internet Game Rooms with over 30% share of play time
  • Blizzard had the biggest quarterly online player community in its history, with MAUs A of 33 million, up 29% quarter-over-quarter and 13% year-over-year.
  • This reflects the successful launch of Overwatch and strength across the broader portfolio
  • On May 24, 2016, Blizzard launched Overwatch which now has players globally, including box and digital sales, internet game room players, and multi-user console households
  • Players have spent about 500 million hours playing Blizzard’s Overwatch, with additional content updates ahead

There could potentially be only one problem with the Overwatch World Cup.... but hopefully all the kinks can be ironed out.

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