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Predator MGMS Interview with Energy eSports

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The Predator MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) registrations for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's second qualifier closed this past Sunday. A total of 42 teams have entered the competition and are ready to duke it out for the remaining two spots in the MGMS Grand Finals, which will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October. We caught up with one of the tournament favourites, Energy eSports, to find out their expectations going into the second qualifier. 

Energy eSports

The Energy eSports team has found themselves with a disappointing start to the season when they got knocked out of the MGMS first qualifier, losing against Hi5 Gaming (in the Winners Bracket Quater Final) and ViNCO Gaming ( in the Loser's Bracket Semi Final). The results were rather surprising to followers of the competitive Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PS4) community, as Energy eSports have been a long standing top tier team. 

That said, the results were a testament to how tightly contested the top positions currently are between some of the best teams in South Africa. The team, however, have decided to make some big changes to their squad since they last competed in the competition. We spoke to the captain of the Energy eSports squad,  Ismail 'J4K3Z' Jacobs, in order to find out what those changes were and how preparations leading into the tournament are going.

Since the first Predator MGMS qualifier, your team has undergone some alterations. Can you take us through your most recent change to your team and how it has affected the squad? 

"Yes, since the last Predator MGMS we have brought in Roby aka Kohvz back into the squad, who needed time away to sort some personal issues out. The change has had a positive effect on us as we are currently on a 17-0 run in the Digital Gaming League (DGL) and yesterday we won the EGE qualifier, beating Carbon Astra 3-0 and ViNCO Gaming twice 3-0 in the grand final. "

What has your team been working on since you last participated in the MGMS qualifiers? 

"Most important thing we have worked on is playing more as a team. At the start of the season, we never got enough practice together but that has changed. We have also been working harder on our Search and Destroy, which we believe is our weakest game mode."

How do you feel about the current standard of play among the top tier South African teams?

"The current standard of play excites me, there are quite a few teams that can challenge the so-called big teams. That was proven recently in some past tournament matches. I believe that this makes the tournaments much more entertaining for fans and gives other teams hope that they can cause an upset. I feel we are a level above everybody else right now and we have to work that much harder to stay ahead of the competition."

What teams are you looking forward to playing against and which squads do you think you need to keep an eye on? 

"In this qualifier, our biggest challenge will, without a doubt, be ViNCO Gaming. Their squad has come leaps and bounds since the Astro Gaming Cup and have proven a lot of people wrong - it's good to see especially with all the controversy that happened. 

Other teams to look out for are Anteria Gaming , Ventus Gaming , Flipsid3 Tactics and Insane Gaming."

Why will making the MGMS Grand Final be important for your team? 

"It's important as our goal as a team is to win everything, the Predator MGMS grand final is the final LAN event of the year and it's always such a pleasure to play in it and end the season with a bang"

Do you have any final words before entering the tournament? 

"Big thank You to everybody involved with the Predator MGMS for making this happen and giving our community a platform to shine. To all the teams participating, good luck!"

Energy eSports Squad

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You can watch Energy eSports last match against ViNCO Gaming in the MGMS Loser's Bracket Semi-Final below: 


The top three teams will bag the following cash prize in this qualifier:

  • 1st Prize – R5,000 
  • 2nd Prize – R3,000 
  • 3rd Prize – R2,000 (Raru Vouchers) 

*The top two teams will receive an invite to participate at the Predator MGMS Grand Finals being held on the first and second of October.

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"I feel we are a level above everybody else right now"

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