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Update | SA's League of Legends team to attend 8th eSports World Championship


Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) will attend the 8th annual eSports World Championship, but unlike previous years, they'll only take a League of Legends team across. The Championship is hosted by the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF), and takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 6 - 9 October. 

Update: The MSSA is also taking a CS: GO team and Hearthstone player. The press release only stated; "34 countries registered for League of Legends (LoL), 30 countries registered for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and 35 countries registered for Hearthstone(HS). South Africa registered a LoL team of 4 men and a woman."

However, an image in the press released listed South Africa in the other titles."

Update ends.

"The e-Sports World Championship is the only international e-Sports competition based on nationality. This year’s World Championship will be held together with TAFISA World Games. IeSF plans to portray, during the World Championship, the true values of e-Sports to flourish as content for sports for all and let all younger generation to enjoy. Becoming a part of Sport for all will also be of relevance in the recognition process of SportAccord and IOC," states the press release.

8th Annual eSports World Championship by the numbers - First Entry

  • 479 participants
  • 37 countries
  • Asia - 207 participants from 15 countries
  • Europe - 169 participants from 14 countries
  • America - 39 participants from 3 countries
  • Oceania - 3 participants from 2 countries
  • Africa - 41 participants from 3 countries
  • League of Legends - 34 countries registered
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive - 30 countries registered
  • Hearthstone - 35 countries registered
  • IeSF will be supporting 200,000 USD for athlete travel

The Mind Sports South Africa League of Legends team consists of four men and one woman. Their names remain a mystery as the MSSA didn't include it in the press release. We will update the article once the MSSA announced the names.

The IeSF opened registrations for the second and final entry on July 1st, and will close it on September 4th. Last year, Seberia was crowned as the overall winner of the 7th eSports World Championship, this year team Siberia will compete in all three titles.

More about the IeSF

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