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Pokémon GO craze spreads to silver screen

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Pokémon GO, developed Niantic Labs, is growing in popularity at an incredible pace since its release on Android and iOS devices a little over one week ago. It seems like everywhere, from social media to random people in shopping centers, everyone and their Pikachu is talking about the augmented reality mobile sensation.

Even if you’ve been living under a rock, someone has probably visited your rock in search for a rare Pokémon. Find out exactly how popular the game is and how its success might spawn a live-action movie.   

About Pokémon GO’s mammoth growth

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Pokémon GO’s meteoric rise, overtaking the popular “dating” app Tinder and that it is closing in on Twitter. According to a report by Survey Monkey, the game has crushed Twitter and is already closing on SnapChat and even Google Maps.

Further, the above mentioned report suggests that Pokémon GO is now the biggest mobile game in US history with 21 million daily active users, beating the former top dog Candy Crush Saga.  

But that’s not all! According to and the graph you can view below, the game is now more popular than porn on Google. Yes, more people are searching for “Pokémon GO” on Google than they do “porn”.

  pokemon GO versus porn.jpg

Blue is for Pokémon GO and red is for porn

Although the game is not even officially released in South Africa yet, its immense popularity is clear if you look at the local Facebook Group. In only one week, the group has surpassed Battlefield, CS: GO, Rocket League and even Dota with 3778 members at the time of writing.

Arguably the most impressive fact about all these stats is that the game has only officially been released in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK (released today). It is not that surprising that there might be a Pokémon feature film in the future.

Live-action movie chatter

According to a report by Mike Fleming Jr of Deadline, the success of Pokémon GO is causing chatter in Hollywood about a potential live-action movie. Legendary Pictures (who made Warcraft: The Beginning) is reportedly trying to catch the rights to make a live-action Pokémon feature film:

“Hollywood has renewed the chase for a deal to turn Pokémon into a feature film. I’m told that Legendary Pictures is moving toward a deal to land the rights to make a live-action film based on the decades-old pocket monster game from Japan that has gotten a giant second wind since the release of the new app. Details are scant at this point, and no deal has been closed, but I am persuaded that it’s headed that way. Attempts to get comment from Legendary were unavailing, and calls to Pokemon USA were not returned.” - Source

At the time of writing there is no indication what the movie will be about. It could be anything from the journey of a young Pokémon catcher to a real world story about all the shocking Pokémon GO stories.

What do you think about the success of Pokémon GO and do you think a live-action movie will happen? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sources: Deadline, Survey Monkey, Independent

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