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Pokémon GO cheaters won't prosper

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Let’s be fair, Pokémon GO is big news right now. Even if you’re a naysayer, you can’t escape it. It is (pretty literally) everywhere… although it’s still not ‘legally’ available locally yet.

There are workarounds (but you do so at your own risk) to get the title on your device, there have already been a number of odd stories, promises of trading and phenomenal growth, and none of that has abated just yet. But now, there’s cheating.

Cheaters never prosper

Sometimes one does have legitimate reasons for not chasing down those dastardly Pokémons physically, but if you go the route of GPS spoofing, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

Before we talk about the sentence, we need to explain what GPS spoofing actually is. GPS spoofing is done via an app that fools your phone into thinking you’re somewhere else. But (and there’s always a ‘but’) for Pokémon GO, it’s not as easy. The game’s developers Niantic are certainly not first-timers when it comes to these things and have built in security to prevent just this. However, if your desperate need takes a hold of you (and you are willing to tread your own path here), you will need a rooted device or a rooted emulator. If you’re that keen to laze around on the couch and catch Pokémons a world away, then feel free to follow the how-to in the LinusTechTips video below.

Crime and punishment

If you’re caught doing this, you can expect to be banned from the game for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. In this time, you will have to endure a feeling of isolation in the virtual world you have become dependent on and you may find yourself forced back to work, school or life in general.

This isolation includes not being able purchase items at Pokéstops, not being allowed to battle in Gyms, and even wild Pokémon fleeing from you.

Speculation suggests that the bans are temporary for now, but players could expect that to change once the game has rolled out worldwide and the servers are stable.

Play fair rather

Well, just get up and go is the easy answer, but if you really want to be able to go to the right place right from the start for something that isn’t just a common Pokémon, then Pokemapper has you covered.

This social tool pretty much does what it says on the tin – map Pokémon sightings from users (or Pokémon trainers if you prefer). So rather than guess where (or you know, walk around searching) rare Pokémons are, you can rely on the map to tell you thanks to the hard work of others. Or you can be one of the helpful souls too by reporting your sightings when logging into the tool via Facebook.

With the official release of Pokémon GO rolling out still (and possibly hitting our shores soon), are you part of the success already? And would you go the route of using a cheat to ‘catch them all’? Let us know in the comments below.

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