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Predator MGMS interview - ViNCO Gaming guns for top spot


Registrations for the Predator MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) is in its final week as teams from around Southern Africa have been edging to get the tournament underway with a total of 32 teams have registered thus far. We caught up with one of the favorites, ViNCO Gaming, to chat about the up and coming qualifier. 

About ViNCO Gaming at MGMS

The last time we spoke to the ViNCO Gaming was preceding the Predator MGMS first qualifier, where the team captain Dale 'Twist' Dolpire stated his expectations going into the event: 

"We are a new, yet talented and driven team that are looking to make a name for ourselves in these qualifiers. We are eagerly looking to push the two top seeded teams (eN.F34R and Carbon Astra), but ultimately we are looking to place in the top two, in order to secure ourselves a spot at the MGMS Grand Finals, taking place later this year." 

Unfortunately for his team, they narrowly lost out on a top-two finish when they lost against Carbon Astra for the second time in the tournament, in the Loser's Bracket Final. ViNCO Gaming finished third and thus missed out on an invitation to the Predator MGMS Grand Finals, which will be held on the 1st and 2nd of October. 

It has to be said that ViNCO Gaming is looking like a top contender for the MGMS Qualifier 2 title. Their team has managed to pull off some impressive results in recent weeks and are looking to go into the second Predator MGMS with one goal in mind - to walk out with an invitation to the Predator MGMS Grand Finals. 

Interview with ViNCO Gaming's Dale 'Twist' Dolpire

We caught up with the ViNCO Gaming captain to chat about his team's thoughts, expectations and goals going into the event. 

Hey there Dale! How are you feeling about your current team? 

"We are heading into the MGMS Qualifiers 2 with a promising roster, consisting of myself (Twist), Miki, Freakz, PaTee, and Murphy as our reserve. There is much young talent and experience merged into this roster of five players, and we are feeling extremely confident heading into the qualifiers. 

As the captain of ViNCO COD, I ensure that the team is actively playing and improving on certain aspects. Alongside that, I bring a large share of competitive experience and knowledge regarding the game, as well as a striving attitude to be the best and to work hard. Miki is one of the more aggressive players in our side, and he is the one that brings the 'hype' factor, as well as a positive attitude during our tougher games. Freakz is our relatively new addition and has since brought us experience and an attitude destined to work on our weak points. PaTee is one of the newer faces to the competitive scene in South Africa, and has impressed many with his performance to date. PaTee brings a strong sense of humour and adds to the 'hype' factor during our important matches."

What has your squad been working on since you last qualified? Can you take us through your team's training regime? 

"Shortly after the last qualifier, we made a notable team change. We parted ways with Bullets and picked up Freakz. Since then, we have actively been working on team chemistry and communication, especially in modes such as 'Search and Destroy' and 'Capture the Flag'. Our team's training regime ultimately relies on our school/work schedules, but we essentially scrim about 2 hours every night during school. Recently, with school holidays on the go, we have been playing for 6+ hours every day as a team in order to work on the aspects listed above."

Who do you think will be your biggest competition going into the second qualifier and why? 

"MGMS Qualifiers 1 saw two of our toughest opponents qualifying: Carbon Astra and Team Hi5. At the current time, we are expecting our toughest competition to be eN.F34R, with other teams such as F3, Insane and Ventus trailing shortly behind. We are only left to see what the other teams have been working on behind the scenes, and we may possibly see some of the newer sides shocking us."

Why is qualifying for the MGMS Grand Finals so important to you and the squad? 

"Qualifying for the MGMS Grand Finals is extremely important to us as a team as it means that we have achieved our goal of being in the Top four teams in the country. Ultimately, we aim to place first at the MGMS Finals but in order to do so, we need to qualify through the online qualifiers. I am also the only person on the current ViNCO roster that has had the privilege to attend the MGMS Grand Finals LANs in the past, and it is definitely one of the greatest events that one is exposed to in a season of competitive Call of Duty in Southern Africa."

Any final words before heading into the competition? 

"From myself and the rest of ViNCO, we would like to wish everyone the best of luck in MGMS Qualifiers 2. See you soon!"

Follow the ViNCO Gaming Squad: 

Follow Vinco Gaming Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 


The top three teams will bag the following cash prize in this qualifier:

  • 1st Prize – R5,000 
  • 2nd Prize – R3,000 
  • 3rd Prize – R2,000 (Raru Vouchers) 

*The top two teams will receive an invite to participate at the Predator MGMS Grand Finals being held on the first and second of October.

Ruleset & FAQ

The ruleset and frequently asked questions can be found here, under the ‘Ruleset’ and ‘FAQs’ tabs respectively. The rules are subject to change to match international standards. 

You can watch the nail biting match between ViNCO Gaming and Carbon Astra in the Losers Bracket Final of the first Predator MGMS Qualifier below: 

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