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Meet Windows 10’s final free upgrade notification

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Microsoft’s push to get everyone they possibly can onto Windows 10 has seen a lot of negative publicity lately, for example a woman sued Microsoft over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade and won $10,000. Microsoft has since updated the Windows 10 ‘upgrade experience’ so that users won’t get “tricked” into upgrading.

Microsoft is preparing one final push to get users to upgrade to their latest Operating System (OS) for free, an offer which expires on 29 July 2016. The latest push is a full screen notification that says “sorry to interrupt, but this is important”. Some are calling it “intrusive” while others are calling it the “final upgrade nag”.

The Get Windows 10 (GWX) prompt offers four options to the user. The first two are situated on the right side, namely “Upgrade now” and “Remind me later”. The second two are less visible in the bottom left corner and read “Notify me three more times” and “Do not notify me again”. The latter should stop all further upgrade notifications.

One cannot help but wonder what a full screen notification will cause further issues, especially since the smaller notification window already interrupted a live weather report and a professional CS: GO stream. View the new, full screen free upgrade notification (via The Verge) below.

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If you aren't on Windows 10 yet but do want to upgrade, you have less than one month before the free upgrade offer expires, after which you will need to purchase the OS's Home version for $119 or the Pro version for $199 after 29 July 2016.

There are quite a few reasons to upgrade to Windows 10; it is admittedly the best OS from Microsoft I have ever used and it will only get better with the Anniversary Update’s amazing new features. However, it is still up to each user to decide if they want to upgrade to Windows 10 or stay on their current OS.

What do you think of the full screen Windows 10 upgrade notification and which OS do you use at the moment? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: The Verge

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