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Competitive play is here and every Overwatch hero should experience it

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For the past week I've been battling it out in the Competitive Play PTR, you can check out my impressions in "Things Get Dead Serious in Overwatch." Competitive Play can be summed up with this line; It's all fun and games until someone loses a point - so be warned, make sure you at least have the basics of the game covered before you dare venture to the CP level. I highly recommend you check out my "5 Golden Rules Every Overwatch Player Should Know," as it will give you a good baseline for the game.

Blizzard launched Competitive Play for PC - coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon.

Competitive Play - Something every Overwatch player should experience

There is an excitement, a thrill and "energy" to Overwatch's CP that everyone should expereince. It unfolds a dimension of the game you'll never experience in Quick Play. It demands your utmost, no, it demands more than that, and you'll be surprised at how much more the game can squish out of you. For example, my Mercy's most healing done in a Quick Play match is just over 10k, in Competitive Play it was almost 20k. I stayed alive longer, resurrected more fallen mates, and healed more - I had to because the match demanded it of me.

Looking back at my week in Competitive Play I have to admit that I lost more matches than what I've won, and my Skill Rating dropped from 40 to a dismal 35. The reason? Your team vs. Their Team as illustrated by The Gareth Woods in the video below.( Don't forget to follow him on Twitter & subscribe to his YouTube channel).

Sometimes it doesn't matter how good you play.

If you're not yet part of the Watch, then stop reading and follow THIS LINK right now.

If you've played Competitive Play, then you know those feels displayed so 'mockingly' in the video. Jokes aside, even despite Blizzard's mad method to group Skill Rating players together, you'll get matches where the team just don't work well together. That being said, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of winning.

5 Golden Tips for Overwatch Competitive Play

  1. Group up: I couldn't group up with my local Overwatch "familiar" during the PTR, but now that the full version launch, you can join the placing matches as well as all CP games as a group. I've been losing every CP match this morning, and so has my friend - until we grouped up. The rest is history. As you can see in the cover image, not only did our team win, but we both dominated.
  2. Strats & Voice: You have to communicate with your team. I don't see how you can play CP without voice, there just isn't time to type, you'll end up playing like the people in the video above. Needless to say, you'll need to continually communicate and update your attack, defense, and progress. Don't rush in without a plan, don't defend without knowing who is guarding which areas. Be open to change your hero as the match demands. Lastly, should you notice something, like an opponent busy flanking, call it.
  3. In all things let there be balance: By balance, I don't mean you can't have two healers and two tanks, and that you must always have an engineer on defense. If the match calls for it, have two of both, but let one be Mercy and the other Lucio. Let your hero selection complement the other selections.
  4. Kill the healer: Assign a Tracer and/or Soldier: 76 to focus on harassing and killing the healer. You'll cripple the team and cause havoc.
  5. Watch the flanks: This ties in with point four - they'll be coming for your healer, so make sure someone covers your flanks. Pharah's mobility and hover perk make her ideal for having an overlook of the battlefield. She can keep those flanks covered, or you can assign Tracer or Soldier: 76.


I am now well on my way to re-enter Overwatch Competitive Play, and I'm never going without a friend. (In fact, why don't you spread the love and buy Overwatch for a friend. I have a promise like that waiting for someone's birthday.)  You, of course, also level up faster if you join in a group. In closing, here's what you need to know about joining CP.

Competitive Play - Need To Know

  • Download the latest patch
  • You have to be at level 25 or over
  • Select Competitive Play in your load screen
  • You'll play "10 placement matches" that will determine your skill level
  • Awarded new spray & player icon for everyone who completed the 10 placement matches
  • After that you'll be grouped with matching players
  • Warning: Do not rage quit or leave a match, you'll be severely penalized
  • Season's each last two and a half months
  • Climb each season's CP ranks to unlock loot like a golden gun
  • Don't forget to have some fun

You can read more about Competitive Play here, and check out some of the loot you could unlock here. If you're a South African player, then you need to check out our extensive coverage of the local Overwatch scene. Lastly, if you're not playing Overwatch, then join us, it's where the party's at - says millions of gamers.

You can enter Overwatch by following THIS LINK. It'll take you to an amazing adventure.

"Ladies and gentlemen... Start your engines! It's a perfect day for some mayhem!" In remembrance of that time when I got over 30k damage as Junkrat.


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.

"It'll take you to an amazing adventure"

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