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Five essential tips for the Steam Summer Sale

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Last week, the Steam Summer Sale’s start date of 23 June was confirmed by PayPal. I guess time flies when you are foaming at the mouth for the sale to start. The specific time when the sale starts tomorrow has not been confirmed, however, according to a Steam Sale countdown, it will start just after 19:00 South African time.

Now that your wallet is sufficiently scared and your piggy bank has tried to escape from your gaze, I’ve got five tips so that your wallet and presumably AWOL piggy bank won’t only survive the Steam Summer Sale, but might actually thrive.   

1. The Wishlist is your friend

I never really used the Steam Wishlist a lot until the end of last year. For someone who wants to get the most out of the Steam Summer Sale, the Wishlist should become your best friend. Even though the sale hasn’t started just yet, you could do some research and find out which games you want to purchase. After you’ve found the games you desire, you can add them to your Steam Wishlist.

When the Summer Sale starts, you will be notified via email that a game on your Wishlist is on sale complete with the percentage off and the sale price. The Wishlist helps you sort through the massive amount of games to quickly and easily find the games you really want.

2. Think fast with trading cards

During each Steam Sale there are sale-specific trading cards you can acquire via an easy task like going through a sales queue and deciding if you want to put the games shown on your Wishlist or say that you are not interested in each of the 10 games Steam shows you. After a couple of hours, the trading cards aren’t worth much (between R2 and R5). However, right at the start of a Steam Sale the cards sell for quite a lot of money.

During the Winter Sale, I managed to sell my first three cards for roughly R60 each, which is a very nice boost to your Steam wallet. You’ve got to be fast, but if you manage to sell some cards before their prices plummet, you could be able to purchase a game or two without having to add money to your Steam wallet. 

3. Find out if a deal is all that

Yes, like always there will be thousands of games on sale with up to 90% off. Against popular belief, a big Steam sale doesn’t necessarily have the best discount ever on a specific game. I know there are a lot of people who might not want to play a game right now, but would like to complete their collection of a specific franchise. If you don’t really need the game and you are willing to wait months for a better deal, you should check out the website SteamDB which shows you what the best percentage discount every game on Steam has had in the past.

If you find that, for example, PayDay 2 is at 50% during the Steam Summer Sale, you should hold off on purchasing it because the game has been on weekly deals for 75% off quite a few times.

4. Get ready for Skyrim Special Edition

As you probably already know, the Skyrim Special Edition will be free for PC gamers who own the base game and all its DLCs, namely Dawnguard (R219), Hearthfire (R55) and Dragonborn (R219) or the Skyrim Legendary Edition which includes all the above mentioned DLCs. If you do own Skyrim and one or two of the DLCs, you could pick up the remaining needed for a “free” upgrade to the Special Edition if you find them on sale.

Now the above mentioned Legendary Edition is already on sale right now for R434.32, so take care to not go above that price when filling your Skyrim DLC collection. Even so, you should keep an eye out for huge discounts on the DLCs or the base game. The Winter Sale had Skyrim at 75% off while one of the DLC’s price was slashed by 85%.

5. Sell those cosmetics

Some players might have cosmetic items from games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) just laying around in their Steam inventories even if they have stopped playing the game. These cosmetic items can sell for a lot of money. If you have some items sitting in your Steam inventory you never use, you can sell those items for Steam wallet funds.

If you don’t want to part with your item skins, you can always look for duplicates with the Steam inventory search function. During last year’s summer sale, I manage to sell around R800 worth of cosmetic items I never use on the Steam market place, so it is definitely worth checking out.

Do you have any other tips and tricks for the Steam Summer Sale you would like to share? Let us know in the comment section below.

Piggy Bank Image credit: Snapple

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