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Infinite Warfare new single-player details revealed

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New information about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s single-player campaign has been revealed. Developer Infinity Ward’s Narrative Director, Taylor Kurosaki and Design Director Jacob Minkoff shared interesting details about the game’s campaign in an interview with AusGamers. Here is everything we’ve learned from the interview.

Story and the leadership role

Infinite Warfare will tell a completely new story; it is an original and brand new entry into the COD franchise. The campaign will feature a new cast of characters and compelling narrative themes that Infinity Ward thinks “players are really going to love. One of those themes mentioned is that the protagonist begins with a mentality of “no man left behind” or “you fight for the guy next to you”. Seeing the war through the “eyes of a grunt” is a common theme in stories about war; but things change when you are put into a leadership role.

Through the course of the campaign players will be promoted into a position of leadership, commanding thousands of personnel. Players will learn what it means to be a true leader while the protagonist will start to understand the “mission comes first” mentality of being a commander in war. Players can give orders and choose the missions their ship and crew undertakes. The developer wants the player to “feel the weight of command.”

Outer space location & the Jackal

One of Saturn’s moons, Titan, has been revealed as one of the locations where the protagonist Lt. Reyes will see some combat. Infinite Warfare is “set firmly within our solar system”. Players will be defending the people of Earth, so the game will take you places you have never seen before.

When asked about Infinite Warfare’s bold leap into the future, Mr. Kurosaki explains:

“Our studio charter is always innovation, and that led us to take the series in a bold, new direction. Our setting is one where a realistic military conflict extends beyond our planet. We’ve taken the classic Call of Duty feel, which comes with visceral combat and grand-scale war, and transposed it to gameplay that takes place in our solar system. This narrative and design decision has opened up some unique gameplay possibilities.” - Source

The player’s fighter vehicle will be called the Jackal with which they will handle the “bulk of black sky space combat”. Players will use the Jackal to “dogfight Settlement Defense Front fighters”, pilot through debris fields or even launch an offensive against enemy warships. Further, players will be able to call in Jackal air strikes while fighting on the ground.

Zero-Gravity combat & tech improvements

Mr. Kurosaki talks about Zero-Gravity combat and movement:

“While there was some quick zero-g combat in Ghosts, the way the story and setting impacts gameplay has allowed for an all-new zero-g combat system in Infinite Warfare. We have RCS thrusters and a grapple, which both allow the player to close gaps and get to cover in a zero-g environment. ‘Up’ is a relative direction when no gravity exists, which the player can use to their strategic advantage against the enemy, flanking them on every axis.

It’s been an exciting part of the development process to create the visceral combat that’s hallmark to the series, and bring it to space. It’s been an important challenge we’ve undertaken. And it all fits in the variety of gameplay in Infinite Warfare, in space, in zero-g, on the ground on Earth, other planets and more.” - Source

Mr. Minkoff also shared which aspects of the game technological improvements have been made to:

  • An overhauled animation engine
  • AI system improvements
  • Physics improvements
  • NPC behavior improvements
  • Streaming level transition

Further, the developer notes that they are using physically-based rendering, which means “more detailed lighting and improve shading across the board”. From the hallway of a warship to the wrinkles on a character’s forehead, everything in the game will be seen “more realistically and naturally than ever before.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will launch worldwide Friday, 4 November 2016 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer, watch it below and tell us what you think about the new campaign details in the comment section.

Source: AusGamers

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