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How to play Overwatch on a budget PC

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Oh the horror if you can't play Overwatch because your rig is below standard. But don't give up just yet, there are ways to make the old lady run with the cool kids. Digital Foundry played Overwatch on a budget PC, and it's looking just fine.

  • i3-4130 processor
  • 16gb RAM
  • GTX 750 Ti OC and AMD R7360 OC

As you'll see in the video below, Overwatch scales down very well to lower graphics cards. I played the beta with a GTX 570 and i5-2500 with no issues at all. The gameplay was smooth, and the game looked good. Not as good as on my new PC, but I can definitely recommend you play Overwatch on a lower end PC.

As with first-person shooters, the aim is not to let the frame rate drop below 60FPS, and preferably run at 1920x1080.

  • With the i3-4130/GTX 750 Ti OC combo, you'll be able to play any Overwatch character on any map without dropping below 60FPS. However, if you change the graphics from medium to high, you'll see that drop hard and fast.
  • With the slightly weaker i3-4130/R7360 OC combo you do drop below 60FPS (52-58 FPS with Tracer in action) on medium graphics. All is not lost; you can use the resolution scaler to drop the resolution to 88%. Or, you can keep the quality at 1080p and drop the reflection and shadow quality which will bring you to the 60FPS baseline.

Here's what you need to tweak to play Overwatch with the specs listed above.

Overwatch Video Settings for budget PC's

  • Display performance stats: Off
  • Limit FPS: Off
  • Graphics quality: Medium
  • Graphics quality advanced: All to medium expect where listed below
  • Graphics quality advanced: render scale - 100%
  • Graphics quality advanced: texture filter quality - Epic 16X
  • Graphics quality advanced: antialias quality - medium SMAA-LOW
  • Graphics quality advanced: screenshot quality - 1 x RESOLUTION
  • Local reflections: On
  • Ambient Occlusion: On

Image credit / Thanks Digital Foundry.

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