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Updated | The MSI Doom Launch - A Hellishly Good Time

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Friday the 13th is a day usually consumed with superstition and threats of mass murder (thanks to Jason Voorhees). The most recent instance of this particular day however saw some of that superstition sidelined to celebrate the South African launch of the MSI Vortex, while the mass murder remained accounted for thanks to the arrival of DOOM.

On this particular Friday the 13th in May 2016, 100 guests, media and gamers descended on the MWEB Mcave in Parow, Cape Town to celebrate the arrival of MSI’s console-sized PC along with the rebooted DOOM - and neither disappointed.

As is customary with any event, welcomes were made (by MWEB’s Brad Kirby), products were introduced (by MSI’s Miles Regenass and Ster Kinekor’s Ronelle Hendriks), snacks were snacked and goodies were coveted. And that was even before the attendees got their chance to try out DOOM and the MSI Vortex.

A wind blew through it


The main (hardware) centrepiece of the night was the MSI Vortex PC set up with three screens in landscape. The Vortex G65 6QF is a 4K-capable and VR ready PC that is so small that you would easily mistake it for a console, however it packs two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards in SLI, making it a real powerhouse. Its job on the night was to wow the crowd and push out the other celebrity of the night – called DOOM - in widescreen. The Vortex manages to do all this with only a 450W power supply and its unique cylindrical cooling system that it gets the name ‘Vortex’ from.

The MSI Vortex will arrive in two flavours in South Africa, with the Vortex G65 6QD replacing the GTX 980s with two GTX 960s. If you’re keen to pick up a Vortex, you may have to wait a little still and prepare to cough up between R46,000 and R82,000 depending on the model you choose.

We’re all DOOMed


It’s been a while since DOOM caused as much excitement as the latest version of the game has. On Friday night, those that were still unsure of what to expect from the game had the opportunity to give it a go and maybe find their hearts stolen (or ripped out given the game’s nature).

Attendees could try out Bethesda’s latest title on the MSI PCs with BenQ monitors setup to show off the game, and once the opportunity arrived, the audience seemed captivated. Chatting with a few gamers in attendance, many suggested that after trying out the game, they were keen to buy it, with the fast-paced multiplayer action proving both fun and frenetic.

Of course, no event would be complete without swag (which went alongside the goodie bag given out to attendees) and the Soul Harvest mode proved to be an entertaining way to give some away. Soul Harvest is a mode in DOOM that requires players to collect the souls of their vanquished opponents (or steal the souls that others were too slow to collect). With no private servers yet, the mode appears to be one that the rest of the world has forgotten about, as the players managed quite a number of rounds featuring only those sitting in the venue – adding an entertaining and competitive edge to the proceedings.

Side orders


As always, while there are starring roles to be had at the events, there are the add-ons that make it all the more entertaining. Snacks, drinks and pizza kept everyone powered-up to face the night, while those less inclined to the manic pace of DOOM could meet up and chat with new and old friends or play some old-school arcade games.

On hand was an Oculus Rift DK2 supplied by TGN Racing Simulators for attendees still hungry for more. To offset the violence and demonic bent of DOOM, it only made sense to offer Lucky’s Tale as the virtual reality escape, because, why not right?

Closing the gates of hell


As the night drew to a close, it was rounded off by a final flurry of ‘Twitter monster’ giveaways which saw the winning tweeter (it’s a word, trust me) choose from the selection of mystery boxes and walk home with the goodies kept inside. With that all completed and the coffers drained of MSI and DOOM loot, it was time to bid farewell and safe travel to all the attendees (which included a fairly large contingent of Gauteng-based visitors) as the diehards stuck it out for one more round of DOOM.

Brad Kirby, Product Manager for MWEB GameZone had this to say about the event: “A massive and heartfelt thanks to both MSI and Ster Kinikor entertainment for hosting such a prestigious and iconic launch with us. The entire gMz team are avid DOOM fans and we all thoroughly enjoy the MSI product range, so all the effort that we put into this event was simply a labour of love.  We look forward to working with these fantastic teams in the future and are already planning our next event with some measure of anticipation. We would also like to send a special and personal note of thanks to all of the eSports gamers and media who flew all the way from JHB to the fairest Cape to spend the evening with us."

The MWEB GameZone team would like to thank MSI, Ster Kinekor and Rectron for the hardware and gaming goodies used. The night’s music was supplied by WhatIsFiction, while the great atmosphere and vibe was supplied by the many attendees who were there enjoying themselves. Thanks all, we hope to see you at the Mcave real soon again…

Photos taken by Zombiegamer and from our Facebook photo album. Check out the video below about the event, courtesy of Grant Hinds.

Zombie Dredd: Twitter  / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook

"The MSI Vortex will arrive in two flavours in South Africa"

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