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MGMS Black Ops 3 Q1 - Carbon Astra take the tournament


The MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 first qualifier came to a conclusion last night when the top four teams; Energy eSports, ViNCO Gaming, Carbon Astra and Hi5 Gaming went head to head in the MGMS Finals. It was all on the line with only four teams, three prizes, two invites to the grand finals and one title as the MGMS first qualifier champion.

The MGMS first qualifier managed to attract 71 teams, all which were vying for a top placement in the tournament. For the final day, we would see all the remaining games on stream and brought to the online community, live, from the MWEB GameZone offices in Cape Town. For the final day, we only had two teams that remained undefeated, Carbon Astra and Hi5 Gaming. The match between the two teams was vitally crucial, as the winner would guarantee themselves a top two placement in the tournament, and thus receive an invite to the MGMS Grand Finals. 

The teams were scheduled to play one another in the first game of the final day of play at 3pm. Unfortunately, the Astra Gaming squad were unable to round-up their entire team after 30 minutes and had to forfeit the match. What this meant, was that Hi5 Gaming would advance to the Finals and receive a top two placement, which guaranteed them a position to the MGMS Grand Finals. Carbon Astra, however, would have to face the winner of the match between ViNCO Gaming and Energy eSports. 

Energy eSports Vs ViNCO Gaming

The game between ViNCO Gaming and Energy eSports had seen three maps played by the time that the forfeit of the winners bracket final was announced. The score of the match was slowly filtering its way onto the stream as the two casters, Nick 'Holden ZA' Holden and Cristiano "Tiano" Dos Ramos updated the viewers with the scores as they came in. The match was standing at 3-1 before the casters could join in on the game, which you can watch below. 

Final Score: Energy eSports 2 - 3 ViNCO Gaming 

ViNCO Gaming vs Carbon Astra 

The ViNCO Gaming team were coming off of a big win against Energy eSports while the Carbon Astra squad were looking to come off of a disappointing forfeit. Both teams knew that the next match would be of vital importance as the winner would secure the last remaining invite to the MGMS Grand Finals. The last time that the two teams faced one another was in the winners bracket quarter-finals where Carbon Astra took the match convincingly. 

The squad from ViNCO Gaming were, however, looking like a reenergized team and they took the match with a renewed vigor. You can join in on the match below: 

Final Score: Carbon Astra 3-2 ViNCO Gaming 

Hi5 Gaming Vs Carbon Astra 

The match between Carbon Astra and Hi5 Gaming was finally about to go down. Both teams could breathe a sigh of relief now that they both had secured an invite to the MGMS Grand Finals but they equally hungered to be the number one team. After taking a forfeit loss against Hi5 Gaming, Carbon Astra was looking for revenge. 

Hi5 Gaming, being the undefeated squad in the tournament had the advantage. The squad only needed to win one best of five to take the title, whereas Carbon Astra, coming from the losers bracket, needed to win two matches in a row. You can view all of the action below. 

  • Match 1: Carbon Astra 3 - 2 Hi5 Gaming
  • Match 2: Carbon Astra 3- 1 Hi5 Gaming

Carbon Astra is victorious 

Thanks to some great coordinated teamwork, the Carbon Astra team managed to pull together to take the number one position in the MGMS first Qualifier for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Despite the squad going in with the disadvantage, they managed to show resilience and group together to pull off a huge win for their team. They will now, alongside Hi5 Gaming, be awarded the first and second seed for the MGMS Grand Finals, respectively. They will also be walking away from the qualifier with some cash prizes, of which you can find below.


The top three teams will bag the following cash prize in this qualifier:

  • 1st Prize – R5,000: Carbon Astra
  • 2nd Prize – R3,000: Hi5 Gaming
  • 3rd Prize – R2,000 (Raru Vouchers): ViNCO Gaming 

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