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The Dark Knight set to rise on your mobile

Yes you read it right; the “Caped Crusader” will make his dark appearance solely on mobiles. The sombre Bat from Gotham city is set to blow your screen apart on July 20 on both iOS and Android devices.


This is yet another blockbuster title from Gameloft, the specialists in mobile games. The company boasts titles such as Avengers, Men in Black 3 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This cutting edge company has been “helping you game on the go since 1999.”  To date they have made over a gazillion games for the iPhone, iPad and Andriod devices. Whatever your preferred gaming genre, Gameloft has a pick for you. Check out the website here.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Mobile Game, is based on Chris Nolan's third and final Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. True to the Batman game series on its bigger brother, the PC, the mobile game is also set in an open world. Ridiculously stupid thugs, Bat in his bulging suit and adrenaline pumping action are what make Batman games such fun to play. Gameloft didn’t reveal if mobile gamers will also get to see the usual posse of villains who fill the Dark Knights world with nightmares and unforgettable boss fights. For gamers who want to kick back and jam from the comfort of, well, anywhere, this is surely the game of choice.  

As you will see in the trailer below, at least you will have sufficient graphics, head-butts and your bat suit as you set out to save Gotham city.  

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