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Battlefield 1 PC version will be digital-only in certain regions

Battlefield 1.jpg reports that the retail version of Battlefield 1's standard edition for PC will ship in North America with a code in the box. Why on earth would gamers in North America order a retail version for PC? According to EA, that's precisely the issue, they don't, they download the game, unlike their console counterparts who download or purchase the physical disc. Yes, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will ship with physical discs.

“Here in North America, there will be a PC box version that you can buy in stores that will have a code in the box and no disc. If you buy that same PC box version Internationally, some countries will offer a disc inside,” said an EA spokesperson.

The words "some countries will offer a disc inside" naturally had me worried about South Africa's PC community. A lot of local gamers prefer buying the retail version above downloading the game. I approached the ever helpful Raru Shopping as they're listing Battlefield 1 for pre-order.

According to Raru's EA contact, South African PC gamers will get a physical disc with the retailer version. "With the information we currently have, it will be a physical product." However, the Early Enlister Edition will be digital only. " The Early Enlister Edition will only be available digitally for our region on Origin."

Let's just keep in mind that the good news is from information they "currently have." According to the article on Gametransfers EA didn't comment on if they digital-only version will expand to other countries as well. We'll keep you updated if the news changes.

You can pre-order Battlefield 1 for PC at Raru here (price TBA). The  Early Enlister Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order via Origin at R850.

The one thing all Battlefield fans are concerned about is the launch. Jack Frags had some hands-on time with the game, and he is "cautiously optimistic" that Battlefield 1 will have a smooth launch. As he explains in the video below, Hardline had a far better launch than the fiasco that was Battlefield 4. He also goes through what we know so far about what the developer, DICE, learnt from the two previous Battlefield server and launch issues.

Battlefield 1 launches on 21st October for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you purchase the Early Enlister Edition, you'll enter the battlefield on October 18th.

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