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Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare are YouTube's biggest winner and loser

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If YouTube likes and dislikes decided who or what has won anything, I’m pretty sure that cats would rule the world overall. Or humans failing at simple acts like walking.

When it comes to video games, the internet is the perfect place to voice opinions (as Call of Duty Infinite Warfare discovered recently) but in the (now) bi-annual battle of the first-person shooters (in Battlefield and Call of Duty) it seems YouTube is where the real battleground is.

As it stands the Battlefield 1 trailer is the most liked trailer of all time, while Call of Duty Infinite Warfare holds the record for the most disliked trailer ever.

The trailers for both new additions to their respective franchises were released within a week of each other, and the response to those trailers could not be more polar opposite – if we assume some sort of bot hasn’t had their say in the numbers.

By the numbers

In just over a week, the Call of Duty Infinite reveal trailer had amassed nearly 16 million views in total with just over a respectable 287,000 likes. On the flipside to that, the number of dislikes has gone past the one and a half million users, making it the world’s most hated trailer ever and easily the most disliked video game video of all time (it achieved that at around 300,000 dislikes).

The reverse of that is that sees Battlefield 1 and its World War 1 setting with over 22 million views in less than a week. Clearly the fans prefer the DICE game however as – at the time of writing - it does not even have 22,000 dislikes yet. It is the almost 1,2 million likes that has set the game in the YouTube record books with it being the most liked trailer of all time (across video games, movies and TV), as well as placing the trailer in the top 200 of YouTube’s Most Like Video list.

Does it matter?

Whether any of this really matters in the end is debatable. As Forbes points out, the “numbers are not normal” as the kind of numbers these two first-person shooters are boasting are usually amassed over a much longer lifetime for almost all other videos on YouTube.

The numbers are probably at least an indication of the current frustration with the direction Call of Duty is taking, while the positivity for the Battlefield 1 trailer shows that players are taken with a game heading to another (less visited) frontier.  

But let’s be fair, even if it turns out to be an act of automated sabotage by those wanting to watch the world burn, I’m sure that Activision will simply point out that no publicity is bad publicity, while EA and DICE will happily claim to have won the first battle in this year’s war.

Did you watch both trailers? What are your thoughts on the numbers as above and their relevance to the quality of what was shown in them? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Forbes]

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