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Cosplay blurs the line between fiction and reality at Geekfest


I bet you've heard that GeekFest was in town this past weekend. You haven't? Well, let me tell you something my friend, you missed out. Big time. There were all sorts of celebrities there. All the characters from all your favourite games, animes, comic books, and movies made an appearance. They were everywhere - far as the eye can see.

Queen Amidala was there, protected by a hoard of Jedi. She must have been very hot under that royal garb. Ray had the right idea though, she dressed for the desert heat. Mad Max was there too, as was Immortal Joe. The two fellows were even kind enough to stop fighting and pose for a short video recording. Nice chaps those two. They have a real keen eye for fashion, let me tell you.


Did you see Morigan from the Dragon Age series? She was easily the best dressed celeb on the day. What a looker. Just be careful not to stare too long. I've heard she has quite mean-streak in her, so you might find yourself turned into a chicken. She's no match for the One Punch Mad though. Did you see how he knocked out that guy with the big sword? I guess there's a reason why he's called the One Punch Man.

If you were lucky enough and asked nicely enough you could have your photo taken with your favourite celeb. Heck, at one point some of them even started dancing - flapping their hands in the air and thrusting their hips like there's no tomorrow. I never knew that Alex and Sub-Zero had such rhythm. But they've got nothing on Deadpool.


Let me tell you my friend, everyone was dressed to kill. They looked amazing! Joan Rivers would be proud. I don't think GeekFest would have been GeekFest without all these character.

I'm so glad that they took time out from trying to save or conquer the world to spend some time with us. They brought a smile to thousands of faces. Great fellows, all of them.

Oh you're still here? Feeling left out are you? Well, why not watch this Cosplay video that we commissioned. You'll feel like you were a part of the fun. Seriously, watch it. It's great. Promise.

A special thank you goes to Giverny Ives from madeyoulook* productions for the excellent video (it's even better than the GeekFest 2015 Cosplay video). You rock!

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"everyone was dressed to kill"

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