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We bring you all the highlights from GeekFest 2016

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GeekFest has come and gone, leaving everyone who attended the event with jubilant memories.

Hosted at the Inanda Country Base, conveniently located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, the owners and organizers of the 2016 iteration of this annual festival significantly improved on what they've put together in the past. Offering more stalls, more activities, and attracting more people than ever, GeekFest 2016 can undoubtedly be classified as an unequivocal success. In fact, the organizers decided to extend the event to two full days in order to cater for both the public's and exhibitor's demand.

From knights in full armour, to comic books, board games, cosplayers, archers, and a wide variety of food and drink, GeekFest attendees were spoilt for choice. It would be a long and arduous exercise for me to describe everything that happened at the event, so we had the madeyoulook* team prepare a short video for you - one that I feel encapsulates everything that happened at GeekFest. Check it out at the end of the article.

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If there is something that the video doesn't necessarily illustrate its that GeekFest was far better organized this year. It wasn't a hassle driving into the parking area or even finding parking. We didn't encounter large queues going into event area, and if queues did build up they dissipated very quickly as there were more than enough staff members at hand to assist in getting people through the entrance.

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The general layout and floor plan was excellent. All the stalls and activities were well spaced out and I never felt cramped or claustrophobic. Many of the items on sale were truly novel and unique. If money was not an object, I'd have come home with hundreds of toys. There were just too many things that caught my attention, pleading to be bought.

Whilst there was a plethora of things to see and do at the event, my personal highlight is something a little less tangible: the atmosphere at Geekfest. 

A quick google search reveals that a geek is defined as "a person with an unusual or odd personality". This might be true in so far as public perception is concerned, but as we all know perceptions are not always accurate. Events like GeekFest always remind me what it means to be a geek.

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GeekFest is, in essence, a celebration of self. It's about going out and showing off a large part of who and what you are. There is no fear of judgement, because there are no judgemental people there. There is no fear of ridicule, because nobody is going to mock you, laugh at you, or point a finger at you.

Your background doesn't matter. There is no prejudice. Everyone is welcome, everyone is a friend, everyone is celebrated. Differences are welcomed and embraced. At GeekFest, differences are the norm.

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One thing that encapsulates this sentiment perfectly is cosplay. Imagine attending GeekFest or rAge without people showing off their beautifully elaborate outfits. It just wouldn't be the same. Cosplayers are the fearlessly gifted artists that are often the heart and soul of events like GeekFest.


Be sure to check out our GeekFest cosplay coverage in a separate article, you wont regret it!

In closing, we'd like to congratulate everyone at The Dark Carnival for treating us to such a fantastic event. We look forward to what you have in store next year!

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"At GeekFest, differences are the norm"

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