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Battlefield 1 vs. Infinite Warfare - Graphics and Gameplay Comparison

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For once, it looks like the Battlefield franchise is drawing more admiration from fans than the Call of Duty franchise. The reason, of course, being Activision's focus on futuristic warfare and EA's return to historic warfare. I think the disappointment started with Infinity Ward's 2013 Call of Duty: Ghosts, then escalated with Advanced Warfare due to the fact that fans wanted a return to standard gameplay mechanics, or a game within the World War setting. Infinite Warfare, of course, won't help to scratch that "old warfare" itch, and to make things worse, Call of Duty fans have to buy it if the want to play Modern Warfare Remastered. We already talked about that debacle here.

And then Battlefield 1 happened. And there was much rejoicing. At the time of writing the Infinite Warfare reveal trailer has 822 477 dislikes vs. Battlefield 1's 14 534. The overwhelming negative response from gamers is not only because of the futuristic setting of Infinite Warfare, but also because of what the trailer showed about the game in terms of gameplay and graphics - especially when compared to the Battlefield 1 trailer.

Open World Games did a nice breakdown of both trailers, below you can check out the summary. They are also running a poll on which of the two games fans prefer. At the time of writing it's 98% Battlefield 1 and 2% Infinite Warfare.

In no way am I saying the trailers display the full extent of the finished game. it is simply a comparison of what has been revealed.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare powered by the IW 7.0 Game Engine

(Call of Duty games use a modified version of the id Tech 3 game engine called the IW engine).

  • The new updated graphics engine supports high dynamic range lighting (true real-time HDR lighting) - will preserve details in high contrasted areas
  • Great animation for non-human characters, the AI especially looks great
  • Zero gravity looks spectacular and will demand something new from the engine
  • Highlights: Character models and seamless transitioning between levels. No load times from ground to air movement. However, Infinity Ward made it clear that it's a feature only for the single-player campaign.
  • Drawbacks: Level of fidelity in especially textures especially at a distance isn't on par with what we've seen in the Battlefield trailer. Minor anti-aliasing issues are still present, especially if you look at spacecraft in the distance and on the big stairway leading up. There is a distinct blur and lack of detail.

Battlefield 1: Powered by the Frostbite 3 Engine

  • DICE are expects when it comes to photogrammetry- capturing minute details on any object so it resembles photo quality
  • Texture resolution pushing further than what we've seen in Star Wars: Battlefront.
  • Water effects look gorgeous
  • Again, how the Frostbite sustains details on all levels - from close up fighting in trenches to aerial battles, everything is detailed
  • No anti-aliasing issues

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gameplay

  • Promoting an innovative, chain-based movement system with the focus on boots to the ground-style combat
  • No vehicular combat for multiplayer, although there will be aerial combat
  • Gravity-style combat, the grappling device and thruster pack are new combat mechanics
  • Multiplayer will be more arena based than Battlefield 1's big scale combat
  • Strong one vs. one combat that is the signature of Call of Duty games

Battlefield 1 Gameplay

  • Combat stretching across aerial, infantry, and vehicular, each with its own variations, not to mention the Zeppelin!
  • Battlefield 1 to have more weapons and vehicles than Battlefield 4
  • Gas and gas masks addition and a refined melee combat system
  • Weapons will have customization stretching across light, heavy and medium
  • Four classes: medic, scout, support and assault

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare & Battlefield 1 - Game modes so far

  • Both games to support single-player and multiplayer
  • Infinite Warfare: Full co-op Zombie mode
  • Battlefield 1 could have co-op

In closing, let me just state that Call of Duty games will always sell and always have a big fan base. The annual $1 million eSports tournament ensures at least some of the fan base. Battlefield doesn't have that safeguard, so delivering the game fans wanted in 2016 was crucial for the franchise. I'd say well played EA.

Battlefield 1 releases on 21 October 2016, see here for your SA price list, and Infinite Ware on November 4, see here for SA pricing.


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