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A closer look at the Battlefield 5 teaser

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Battlefield developer EA DICE will announce the next Battlefield today at 4 pm ET / 9 pm BST / 10 pm SA time. While you await the event countdown timer to tick down slowly, the developer did show a teaser trailer which might have revealed Battlefield 5’s setting.

The teaser trailer, which you can view at the end of this article, is a mere nine seconds in length, shows a soldier’s face rendered in amazing detail. However, that’s not all the teaser shows; you can see the soldier wearing  an overcoat and a large shadow moving over him which might point towards a possible World War I setting. 

The overcoat and shadow

The overcoat has a raised collar and does not show a rank insignia. Although soldiers used overcoats in both WW1 and WW2, the overcoat looks almost identical to the ones used in World War I by British soldiers, from the color to the collar size.

The second aspect of the teaser trailer is a large shadow that looms over the soldier. It could be that he is in a trench looking up at someone, or something larger in the sky.

There are multiple theories on what could cast such a big shadow (if the soldier is indeed standing up), for example One of Open World Games’ theories is that the shadow might be a dinosaur in some kind of co-op mode akin to that of the Call of Duty franchise’s zombie mode. However, it is very unlikely that the massive shadow is a dinosaur, because it would be strange to tease a bonus mode in the first trailer.

A more plausible theory that fits in with the WW1 theme is that it could be a Zeppelin. The German military made use of Zeppelins as bombers and scouts during WW1, killing over 500 people in the “zeppelin raids” on Britain. The Zeppelin theory ties in with the soldier being a British and wearing a overcoat from the WW1 era. Further, the WW1 setting is in line with a leak posted on NeoGAF earlier this year, where a listing described Battlefield 5 as a “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1”.

Remaster of BF1942 or BF2 unlikely

The rumors a remaster of Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield 2 to compete with the COD: Modern Warfare remaster has also been dismissed by industry insider Shinobi602. When asked if he thinks the new Battlefield will be a remaster of some of the old ones, Shinobi602 replied on Twitter saying “No”. Shinobi602 also claims that he has heard what the setting will be.

Although we will all have to wait until tonight at 10pm South African time to find out more about Battlefield 5, Shinobi602’s leaks and suggestions has historically been very accurate.

In the nine second trailer the text show that it is “game engine footage”, and it looks spectacular, powered by the Frostbite 3 engine. However, it is unclear if the finished game and actual gameplay will resemble the same level of graphical quality.  At the end of the trailer, some text clearly states that it is “Frostbite game engine footage, not actual gameplay.”

Even so, you can expect high quality visuals, as Battlefield games have historically pushed the boundaries of in-game graphics. Further, the developers do need to show off some amazing graphics, especially after they slammed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on social media, with one DICE employee saying that the new COD “looks like a game from 10 years ago” while another said it has ugly Depth of Field usage and that the lighting is dull.  

Watch the trailer below and tell us where and when you think Battlefield 5 will play off.

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