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Update | Deals and Steals for SA Gamers - Star Wars Day Edition

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You can celebrate Star Wars Day, May the 4th, with some amazing freebies from Electronic Arts (EA) and a local deal so good you would think they come from a galaxy far, far away. May the 4th be with you…

Update: More deals added at the bottom of this article namely Steam and GoG sales.

The force is strong with EA

Spend Star Wars Day gaming by trying out Star Wars Battlefront for free or taking advantage of some bonuses and free items in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes courtesy of EA.  

Star Wars Battlefront

  • Start your adventure in a galaxy far, far away with a four-hour free trail on Origin. The free trail includes everything from the base game and starts on 4 May 2016. EA has confirmed to PC Gamer that the four-hour time limit is “cumulative playtime”, which means you can stretch out your time over multiple sessions.
  • Log-In Reward – Players who log into Star Wars Battlefront on 4 May 2016 will receive 4,444 credits to use on blasters, Star Cards, or the latest Hutt Contract.
  • New Hutt Contract – Jabba the Hutt has a new challenge waiting for all Star Wars Battlefront players on May the 4th! Spend 3500 to 8000 credits and complete bounties to unlock the powerful Bacta Bomb Star Card which provides a health boost to you and your allies.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Knights of the Fallen Empire Free Trial – From today until 30 May 2016, you can play through Knights of the Fallen Empire for free starting from Chapter 1: The Hunt. Build your Alliance and become the Outlander with a new level 60 character.
  • Log-In Reward – Log into Star Wars: The Old Republic between now and May 4 to collect the M4-I6 Zakuulan Astromech Droid Mini-Pet in-game; don’t miss your chance to get your own Droid mini pet!
  • Double XP – Catch up quick with Double XP. From 3 May through to 10 May 2016, players earn Double XP, Double Commendations in PvP, Double Requisitions in Starfighter and Double Legacy XP.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

  • Double Drop Events – From now until 5 May 2016, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes will have double drop rates (excluding XP and Crystals) that players can earn each day with different game modes. The first mode to have these double rewards will be Cantina Battles. Be sure to log in to get more Credits, Ability Materials, Training Droids, Sim Tickets and character Shards.
  • Sale on Crystal Bundles – Only on Star Wars Day can Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes players receive 25% more Crystals when purchasing any of the Crystal packs available, limited to one of each pack, to use towards Data Cards or Shipment Crates.

Control the force with Evetech

If you don’t have a PC capable of running Star Wars Battlefront, now might be the time to upgrade. Evetech is running an amazing special with their high-end NVIDIA GPU’s. If you purchase a GeForce 970 and up, you get a 128gb Sandisk SSD (priced at R899) for free; so you can play Star Wars Battlefront on ultra-graphics at 60fps and load into maps at the speed of light.

Evetech GPU deals and local price comparison:

With all three the GPU’s listed above, you get Mortal Kombat X and an MSI Gaming Mousepad for free. The GTX 980 and 980 Ti also comes with free delivery.

Steam Star Wars sale

Valve has launched a Star Wars sale on Steam that runs until 9 May 2016 with tons of Star Wars games up to 77% off, including an amazing package deal. The Star Wars Collection contains 14 games for the price of R222.87 at 77% discount and includes Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, Mysteries of the Sith, Republic Commando, Starfighter, The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes, The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition and Knights of the Old Republic  to name a few.

GoG is having a good old sale

Good old Games (GoG) is selling two Star Wars themed bundles at heavily reduced prices. The Blaster Bundle, priced at $30.16 (58% off), includes eight games while the Sabre Bundle is priced at $20.15 (77% off) and includes nine games. You have until 9 May 2016 to pick up one, or both of these amazing bundles. 

Check back throughout the week so you don’t miss out on anything. We will update this article as more Star Wars related deals for free stuff become available. May the force be with you. 

Have you played Star Wars Battlefront and if not, will you give the free trail a try? How are you celebrating May the 4th? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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