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GeekFest levels up in 2016: Here's why you need to be there

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If there is one annual South African event you shouldn't miss, it's GeekFest. I've attended rAge, and a slew of other geek-themed events, and I can assure you that GeekFest stands head and shoulders above them all.  

Perhaps it's the animals with their silly adornments, happily prancing around, that add a sense of joyous abandonment to the occasion. Maybe it's the sight of kids playing in the snow tent; their eyes widened with childlike wonder at the events and people around them. It could be the clanging of steel against steel as the brave take on the "Fight a Knight" challenge, or the cheer of onlookers as a little boy "slays" said Knight.  

Whatever your taste, Geekfest is the most fun you'll have in a single day.  

For those with a more adventurous side, there's the Zombie Run, stomach churning helicopter flips, and Black Ops LaserTag. If you’re wondering why I’ve labeled laser tag adventurous is because the suit you wear during the battle is equipped with a high voltage belt that delivers a painful jolt if you get shot. There are also treasures to be won, a PES 2016 tournament, a chance for inventors to show their skill in Robowars, plenty of comic book stalls, and of course an assortment of board games and table-top games to play and buy.  

Did I mention kids, pets and adults get to swagger in style during Cosplay competition while the rest of us stare at them in amazement. Follow the link below for a glimpse at what went down at GeekFest 2015.

When Geekfest came to town time stood still,and there was laughter.

The highlight of GeekFest isn't a single thing - it's the sum of its parts that form for lack of a better description - a gift. A gift of joy, fun, laughter, wonder - the love of life.

And the best part is that you get to spend it with your whole family, or in the company of people who care about one thing - celebrating life. Talking about gifts, we have some tickets to give away, but more about that in the coming days.

In the awesome video below we detail everything you need to know about South Africa's biggest, most fun and not to be missed event. Coming to you for the first time over two days. Lastly, book your tickets today at quicket.co.za.


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"A gift of joy, fun, laughter, wonder"

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