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Jengo is the new kid on the block and he's from South Africa

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Many of you know Graeme Selvan, the man from Xbox South Africa who is now the man at Megarom Games. Well, after years in the games industry, and decades as an avid gamer, he finally caved under the desire to make his own video game. He formed Robot Wizard with Louis Du Pisani, and we are happy to introduce you to their first game, Jengo. 

Jengo is a point and click adventure game about a guy (Jeff) who must save the universe. Nothing remarkable about that - until your eye catches the game art, and before you know it you're fascinated with Jengo's adventure. The game world looks gorgeous, somewhat like if an incredibly talented artist wandered into a video game and decided to paint a story of the world around him. Upon closer inspection the game premise also looks to hold a few pleasant surprises.


The story, or rather, adventure, our hero finds himself in, takes him to Pixelverse, the dumping ground for "Player 3's," wannabe's and lost dreams. I can be totally wrong, but I think Robot Wizard's Jengo is going have a lot of satire embedded in its seemingly 'ordinary' world. I believe it's going to surprise us, and hopefully the world. Check out the screenshots below - make sure to click on the image for the best version.


It looks exciting, doesn't it? Robot Wizard also released a short Jengo teaser that shows us some of the characters, game world, option wheel and music. All blended perfectly in the promise of a gorgeous adventure game - currently planned for PC and mobile.

Jengo: The story so far by Robot Wizard. "Well... There’s this fella that’s into games, so into games that he brushes Contra aside without losing a life, knows exactly where the secret passages are and where the loot is stashed without even phoning a hint line... A man from another time... A time before every gamer tried to be a stream celebrity, before every gamer could shout on a forum about how they knew better than the guys who made their favorite games in the first place, a time when gaming was about gaming (and sitting glued to the screen during Summer holidays)... This is a story about a gamer lost in modern times. His name is Jeff."

We're going to pay Robot Wizard a visit in the near future. I expect to bring back much treasure from Pixelverse. Stay tuned.

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