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PS4 2016 Releases: Here's what SA gamers can expect to pay

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There's an overwhelming amount of games releasing in 2016, and it's easy to lose track of the game prices and who offers the best deals and editions. So, here's your go-to-article for 2016's most important PlayStation 4 games. We'll list the retailers, prices, editions and release date, all the most important info in one article - Bookmark it. We'll also do one for PC and Xbox One, and we'll update the articles as the information changes.

Take note: Prices reflected as at the time of writing - listed from current cheapest to most expensive, using South Africa's top online retailers (and retailer specials).

For previous releases

DiRT Rally Legendary Edition

Worldwide release date: 5/04

  • bt Games: R889
  • PlayStation Store: R899
  • Raru: Legend Edition R955
  • Takealot: R999

Dark Souls III

Worldwide release date: 12/04

  • Raru: Standard Edition R979
  • bt Games: R999
  • PlayStation Store: Standard Edition R899 / Deluxe Edition R1149
  • Takealot: Standard Edition R995

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Ratchet & Clank 

SA release date: 20/04

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Rugby Challenge 3: Springbok Edition

Worldwide release date: 22/04 (Also on PS3)


Worldwide release date: 03/05

  • Raru: R759
  • bt Games: R978
  • PlayStation Store: R899 / Digital Deluxe Edition R1099
  • Takealot: R999

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - PS4 exclusive

Worldwide release date: 10/05

  • PlayStation Store: R899 / Deluxe Edition R949
  • bt Games: R899
  • Takealot: R899
  • CNA: R899 / Special Edition R999 / Collector's Edition R1899


Worldwide release date: 13/05

  • Raru: R862
  • PlayStation Store: R999 / Digital Deluxe Edition R1224
  • Takealot: R899
  • CNA: R899

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Homefront: The Revolution

SA release date: 20/05

  • BT Games: R855
  • PlayStation Store: R899 / Freedom Fighter Bundle R1099
  • Raru: R955
  • Takealot: R999

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Worldwide release date: 24/05

  • PlayStation Store: R899
  • BT Games: R978
  • Raru: Limited Edition R979
  • Takealot: Special Edition R999

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

SA release date: 9/06 EU & SA

  • PlayStation Store: R899
  • Raru: R951
  • Takealot: R999

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Release date: 10/06 WW

  • R809
  • Raru: R862
  • PlayStation Store: R999

Umbrella Corps

Release date: 21/06 (digital only title)

  • PlayStation Store: R589

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No Man’s Sky (PS4 console exclusive)

Release date: 09/08

  • PlayStation Store: R799
  • BT Games: R899 / Limited Edition R989
  • Raru: R979 / Collector's Edition R2592
  • Takealot: R999

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Worldwide release date: 23/08

  • Raru: R893
  • BT Games: R899
  • Takealot: R899
  • CNA: R899
  • PlayStation Store: Disc only game

Final Fantasy XV

Worldwide release date: 30/09

  • PlayStation Store: Bundle Edition R899
  • Raru: Day One Edition R979 / Ultimate Collector's Edition R4799 / Deluxe Edition R1279
  • Takealot: R999

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We'll update the article as South African retailers list more upcoming releases. If there's a game you would like a to list, then please drop a comment.

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