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SA eSports Continues on the Upward Curve

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Earlier this week we brought you some highlights from Gamer’s Fest and how it collected another win for South African eSports. We promised to bring you the follow-up interviews with some of the organisers and attendees of the event. The videos are all short but manage to capture much of the passion and dedication that has become a hallmark of those involved in growing South African eSports.

CS: GO Shoutcaster: Kyle "CongoKyle" Wolmarans

Up first is the MC of Gamer's Fest, Kyle Wolmarans. He chats about his impressions of Gamer’s Fest, but also talks about the rise of eSports in South Africa and how it’s starting to attract major corporate interest and backing. He has an interesting and somewhat different perspective about who should follow what for South African gaming to grow to the levels we've see with international eSports events.

nAvTV Chief Operations Officer: Devin "HellbirD" Rigotti

Devin gives some background of competitive titles and teams hosted at the event and then offers some insight into how the size and value of tournament prizes have grown over the years. He mentions a few very interesting facts, for example - with the Gamer's Fest event every team got to take cash home (traditionally in SA eSports only the winner gets the cash). Another fact is how much prize pools for events have grown - from R1000 a few years ago to hundred thousands in 2016.

"There currently seems to be a growing curve in SA eSports, and it's not slowing down."

eSports Athletes Sharon “ShazZ” Waison and Thulani “Toolz” Sishi

Toolz gives us a competitor’s impression of the event while ShazZ talks about how we stack up internationally and what we need do to become more competitive in eSports. As many of you know, ShaZZ is not only South Africa's leading lady for eSports, but also one of our best CS: GO players. She's competed in international competitions for Team Karma where she took first place in the 2015 Copenhagen games and third place in the 2015 ESWC. According to her, the reason South African gamers struggle to meet international levels is ... what the video to find out why.

nAvTV Co-founder: DeWet "RidditZ" Lombard-Bovey

DeWet speaks about the birth of Gamer’s Fest, what it takes to put an event like this together, lastly talks about why people like him love doing what they do. He also shares a bit on what's next from nAvTV for SA eSports. DeWet captures much of the passion we've seen in so many people involved in SA eSports. When asked why he puts so much effort into growing competitive gaming in South Africa he replied:

"Getting two hours of sleep at night for two weeks, then having to still cast, put your best face on and deliver the level of energy people expect - definitely not easy. The answer is simple. Passion. We don't always get it right, but that's our heart - everyone working at nAvTV."

When asked what people can do to help grow eSports, DeWet offers some very profound advice: offer constructive and helpful criticism. We asked a few people to give nAvTV constructive feedback about the Gamer's Fest event - most replied that the stream quality could've been better as it dropped a couple of times and that advertising of the event wasn't done properly, given the short notice people had.

What do you think nAvTV can do to improve their service?

This coming Sunday nAvTV will broadcast the Gamer's Fest Dota 2 finals between Bravado Gaming and CarboN eSports. R67 500 in cash prizes and over R15 000 in hardware up for grabs. Find more details about the event here.

A big shoutout to the madeyoulook* team for once again delivering excellent video work. Catch them on Twitter and YouTube.

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