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SA eSports collects another win

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South African eSports is on the cusp of something monumental. Over the past two to three years, interest in this once geeky pastime has grown exponentially. Gone are the semi-competitive days where socializing at tournaments was just as important as winning. eSports is becoming a far more professional affair, with many of South Africa’s best teams now playing for endorsements and their share in increasingly large prizes.

This past weekend members of the South African public got a first-hand taste of competitive gaming as Gamer’s Fest descended on the Mall of the South in Southern Johannesburg. Thanks to nAvTV, the brainchild of eSports broadcasting organization, Gamer’s Fest attracted the likes of Bravado, Aperture, Energy, White Rabbit Gaming, and CarboN by enticing them with a R200,000 prize-pot.

Perhaps the most distinguishing aspect of Game’s Fest was that the main stage, casting area, and competitor booths were setup near the mall’s major entrance. A lot of shoppers and passersby were caught dead in their tracks as they got, what was in all likelihood, their first taste of the spectacle that is competitive eSports. We sent a team to cover the event, with the intent of releasing a series of videos and interviews with some of the country’s leading eSports athletes and broadcasting personalities.

The series kicks off with a general video showcasing the event, but we’ll post more interviews in the next few days, including insightful chats with DeWet “RidditZ” Lombard-Bovey and Devin “HellbirD” Rigotti from nAvTV, as well as well know local CS:GO players Thulani “Toolz” Sishi and Sharon “ShazZ” Waison, and lastly, CS:GO shourcaster, Kyle "CongoKyle" Wolmarans.

You can check out nAvTV's Facebook album of the event here. Did you know that nAvTV stands for Never Announce Victory (TV)? "A bit of Casting humour since there is a thing called the casters curse. If you announce that a team is going to win to early, then they go and lose. So a little humour in our name," explains DeWet “RidditZ” Lombard-Bovey.

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