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The Takealot April Clearance Sale Is Here

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April is a great month to save on games, as is bringing the discounts with their April clearance sale which kicked off today. If you are looking for games or gaming hardware, you have come to the right place because there are some massive discounts on offer. The only catch is that stock is limited and some of the best deals are selling out.

The clearance sale is currently available for a wide range of categories which you can check out here. We, however, are only going to focus on the gaming segment of the sale which has some killer deals. 

Here are ten of the best deals that we could find in the April clearance sale for games and hardware: 

(Prices reflected as at the time of writing.)

Top 10 Game deals 

  1. Ride (Xbox One) - Was R699.00 | Now R285.00 - Review
  2. MotoGP 15 (Xbox One) - Was R699.00 | Now R285.00
  3. Need for Speed: Rivals (Xbox One) - Was R323.00 | Now R299.00 - Review Roundup
  4. Skylanders Trap Team (PS4) - Was R761 | Now R426.00
  5. Lords of the Fallen (Xbox One) - Was R899.00 | Now R451.00 - Review 
  6. Skylanders Trap Team (Xbox One) - Was R761.00 | Now R499.00 
  7. Dragon Age III: Inquisition (PS3) - Was R699.00 | Now R270.00 - Review Roundup 
  8. The Wolf Among Us (PC) - Was R323.00 | Now R194 - Review
  9. PES16 Anniversary Edition (PS4) - Was R799.00 | Now R699.00
  10. Motorcycle Club (PC) - Was R369.00 | Now R116.00 

Top 10 Hardware deals 

  1. Turtlebeach Earforce 500P + Konix Sports cam - Was R3499.00 | Now R1999.00
  2. PS4 1TB Console + Batman Arkham Knight + PES 16 - Was R7799.00 | Now R6899.00 
  3. Kontrolfreek FOS Freek CQC Signature (Xbox 360/PS3) - Was R271.00 | Now R159.00 
  4. SteekSeries DeX Mousepad (PC) - Was R959.00 | Now R549.00 - Review
  5. Gigabyte Z97X-Gaming3 ATX Gaming Motherboard - Was R3339.00 | Now R2499.00
  6. MSI Z170 Gaming M3 Motherboard & Mouse - Was R4299.00 | Now R3299.00
  7. Logitech G910 Orion Spark RGB Keyboard - Was R3699.00 | Now R3399.00
  8. Ear Force Stealth 400 (PS4) - Was R2499.00 | Now R1980.00
  9. Turtle Beach Ear Force Elite 800X (Xbox one) - Was R6499.00 | Now R4999.00
  10. Func MS-2 Gaming Mouse (PC) - Was R799.00 | Now R669.00

The sale will only last until the 10th of April or while stocks last. 

Are there any items that peak your interest? Perhaps you managed to find a deal we didn't. Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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