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A legend departs from SA gaming

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This article is the most difficult thing I've ever written. Our beloved Desmond 'bosbvok' Kurz is leaving MWEB. He'll be moving into a global marketing role, broadening his scope to more than just South Africa.

I have so much to say about this wonderful human being, yet the words get stuck in my throat, choked by emotion. I'll leave it to others - to you, the reader - to say a few words about the man that has arguably done more for SA gaming than anyone else.

Desmond, even though you are leaving us, you’ll forever be in our hearts.

"May the force be with you Des Vader on all your future endeavors. Do or do not, there is no try. Live long and prosper :P" Ryno Warwick

"Five years ago in an MCave far far away …. I came to meet with an all-powerful presence - Desmond Kurz. After several exchanges, I could tell that there was much more to Lord Kurtz than his calm and calculated demeanour.  Several weeks passed since our first encounter, and soon I would receive a message, where I was inducted as one of his own - training me in the basic knowledge of the force he would. The initial training was tough as I was placed in the pit of eSports, where tickets slowly wore down upon the soul of a man. The training became more apparent over time, as Master Kurtz's focus on the bigger picture came into perspective. Even when he lost his pony, he didn't dwell. Instead, he brought in a majestic rhino to fix the rainbows. 

With all that being said, the Master Kurtz now leaves us, and we are all deeply saddened. It has been a great five years with you at the helm, and we have all learnt a lot from your resilient and tireless efforts.  You have grown to be a boss that I would happily call a friend. All the best on your new adventure. Your old Apprentice, Holden.


"I’ve known Desmond Kurz, aka, BosBvok, for a little over 10 years. I was first introduced to him working at a gaming start-up called Big League Gaming back in 2006, and I returned again to his side in 2011, as he took on his mantle as Dark Lord and Master of MWEB Gamezone.

Indeed, not even two days into taking on the role of Gamezone’s manager, he called me up out of the blue to come and assist him and Brad Kirby with reinvigorating Gamezone’s brand and turning it into the powerhouse it is today.  

We went from a small and obscure three-man team, to a group which now includes over a dozen contributors including website editors, writers, and game server administrators; performing community outreach and events, to name but a few activities, and  becoming one of the most recognized, outspoken and respected departments within MWEB. Plus, that doesn’t count his second managerial position which he took on in 2013, as manager of MWEB’s Portal division.

Des is not a boss; he doesn’t even remotely deserve the title of manager. He personifies what being a LEADER truly should be.

He is the type who will not sit from the safe zone at the back of a battle – he is the type who will get in the trenches with his staff, push as hard as they are, and challenge them to push harder, making sure that we, as a team, strive for the best that we truly can do.   Even though he wasn't directly involved, he helped me develop my writing skills, gain confidence and take pride in my work, and get through a very difficult part of my life at the time.   I have many fond memories of our adventures and times together.

To my colleague and friend, I wish you good fortune on your journey onwards, wherever your wanderlust for adventure takes you. “Of all the souls I have encountered in my journeys… his is the most… Human” – borrowed from Star Trek II: WoK." Reinhard "Choc_Salties" R-Kleist

Stay tuned for the next article as Darth Kurz will share a few words, he'll be joined by his apprentice, Brad Kirby, who'll take up the Lightsaber for MWEB GameZone's next season.

To Desmond, here's a look back at some of the moments you shared with the local gaming community.


Han: Twitter / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook

"his is the most… Human"

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