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Android Game Console is Happening - OUYA has been fully funded

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UPDATE - In a little over 24 hours, the OUYA Kickstarter has cracked the $3 000 000 ceiling, effectively tripling its funding goal. And it doesn't look like its slowing down, as subsequent presses of F5 keeps seeing the pledged amount increase by a few more dollars.

In less than 24 hours, the OUYA Kickstarter has raised more than a million US dollars. And that's important and exciting news why exactly? Because the OUYA is a new video game console that will only cost $99 (about R812) and will come with games that are free-to-play. The OUYA Project is basically looking to turn the console gaming industry on its head, by subverting how things traditionally get done. It plans on doing this by offering a completely open source console - the OUYA - which runs on Android meaning that game development for OUYA will completely circumvent things like licensing fees, retail fees and publishing fees. There's no need to purchase an expensive development kit from Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo, because every OUYA is also a dev kit. 

The only condition for publishing a game on OUYA is that at least portion of the game must be free to consumers. OUYA even encourages hacking, so you can open up the box and make your own peripherals without voiding the warranty

The OUYA Kickstarter had a funding goal of  $950 000, an amount they have spectacular exceeded. When I starting writing this article, they had a  $1 278 892; by the time I finished this sentence it was on  $1 461 513. In other words, in the 15 minutes it took me to write this article they made an additional $200 000. I don't know if this console will actually catch on, but it sure looks like it will.

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