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MGMS First Recon finals recap: This is what we want to see from SA teams

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Yesterday was the final day of play for the MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) First Recon for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on the PlayStation 4. The tournament has seen 56 teams go head to head over the past three weeks in the attempt to make it this far in the competition, but now only three teams remained.

At the end of the day, Legion Black won our hearts, Astra Infinite were dethroned and Energy eSports showed their resilience to take the MGMS First Recon title. 

In a prelude to the MGMS First Recon finals, we interviewed the two undefeated teams that would face off against one another in our first match of the day. Both teams set a great stage for the game as the team captains from each respective side believed that they had what it would take to become the First Recon champions. 

They would not stand alone in their attempts, however, as Legion Black were getting themselves ready to face the loser of the match in the Loser Bracket Final. The newly formed squad managed to fight their way tooth and nail all the way from the sixth round of the loser bracket. The squad started to make a name for themselves as the giant killers of the tournament by knocking out Vinco Gaming, Team Origin and Ventus Gaming along the way.  

With an audience waiting, we kicked off the first game between Astra Infinite and Energy eSports in the Winners Bracket Final. We've included YouTube footage of some of the matches - but please take note that it is unedited at this stage. We will fine tune it and upload as soon as possible.

Winners Bracket Final: Astra Infinite vs. Energy eSports 

The match between the two teams was highly anticipated as the teams had built up a rivalry in the past few weeks, without anyone knowing who was the better team. Energy eSports had undergone some dramatic roster changes leading into the tournament. The Astra Infinite match would be their first real ue test as a squad. 

Spectators eagerly awaited the match on stream, where Nick 'Holden ZA' Holden provided the commentary of every second of the action. 

Astra Infinite looked confident going into the match against Energy eSports as they quickly racked up the kills to put Energy eSports on the back foot in the opening rounds. The Energy eSports team looked perplexed and seemingly didn't have an answer to the relentless slaying abilities of from the Astra Infinite squad. 

Astra Infinite only needed three maps to dispose of their opposition to progress to the Grand Final. Energy eSports, now lacking on moral and momentum had to face the challenge of defeating the giant killers, Legion Black, in the Losers Bracket Final. 

Losers Bracket Final: Legion Black vs. Energy eSports

The match between Legion Black and Energy eSports was less one-sided than that of the winners bracket final. 

Legion Black collided against Energy eSports in the opening round without much success. Despite losing against Astra Infinite, Energy was looking to turn their form around. They did exactly that as they took the first map by pressing their advantages and tactically nullifying their opposition from accessing scoring opportunities. 

Legion Black, however, were not going to stand down without a fight as they took to Search and Destroy with a newly found confidence. The team stood behind their captain, Mikki, who lead from the front with some stunning kills to dispose of the Energy team with incredible style. The map ended with Energy eSports dumbfounded and looking to recover as Legion Black tied up the game. 

We moved back to the respawn game modes (Uplink and CTF) and once again Energy eSports showed why they are rated as one the best teams in South Africa when it comes to one on one gunfights. Legion Black didn't have an answer for the seasoned veterans, as they lost the two maps in quick succession. 

Despite Legion Black losing out, the squad managed to impress throughout the tournament with a great attitude and team spirit. Despite being underdogs throughout the First Recon tournament, the team managed to remain positive and showed the audience that anyone can become a top team in South Africa if they put in enough hard work. 

Grand Finals: Astra Infinite Vs Energy eSports 

Going into the Grand Final Energy eSports would have the mammoth task of beating Astra Infinite in two best of fives to take the title. Astra Infinite, on the other hand, just needed to win one best of five. 

Stepping into the game, most thought the match would be a foregone conclusion after the first result of the winners bracket final. Energy eSports were looking to prove the community wrong. They did exactly that in the opening map of Hardpoint where they dominated as they almost tripled the Astra Infinite score, something that just doesn't usually happen in competitive Call of Duty. 

Energy eSports seemed to have an Achilles heel in Seach and Destroy as the team hadn't won one map throughout the days play. Astra Infinite managed to keep this trend going as they won the next map to tie up the game. The next two maps, however, went to Energy eSports who shifted into another gear. Astra Infinite couldn't keep up with the pace as the first match went to Energy eSports (3-1).  

Going to the second game, Astra Infinite were clearly shaken. The Energy eSports team manage to consistently beat the Astra Infinite squad in back to back respawn game modes which gave them a huge amount of confidence going into the match. Astra Infinite, now staring down the barrel of their first defeat, were looking to hold on to their title as the best team in South Africa. 

The teams were inseparable in the first four maps as the score was tied at two all. We would have to play the final map of Search and Destroy to determine a winner. Chat on the stream burst into predictions of who was going to take the title of the MGMS First Recon championship. The early lead went to Energy eSports taking the first two rounds in quick succession. The Astra Infinite team weren't discouraged as they knew their opposition has some weak spots in their Search and Destroy game. 

Astra Infinite was last years MGMS champions. Will this season begin the reign of Energy eSports in the competitive console Call of Duty community?


  • 1st: Energy eSports - R3000
  • 2nd: Astra Infinite - R2000
  • 3rd: Legion Black - R1000

MGMS more details coming soon

The MWEB GameZone Master Series is set to release the fixture calendar within the next few weeks. You can expect some more great action for CS:GO and Call of Duty. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on MWEB GameZone for more. 

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