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Report: $99 Android games console backed by Xbox and Kindle senior staff

(Relaxnews) - The Ouya, a $99 games console concept, proposes free to play games and a customizable system that is "built to be hacked"


Pulled from the AngelList funding site but not before reporters at The Verge spotted it, the Ouya project can already boast several influential industry names.

Yves Behar, the Swiss designer of the One Laptop Per Child laptop and tablet, Puma's Clever Little Bag, and the cuboid set-top box for TV channel Canal+, is also responsible for the Ouyu's distinctive shape.

Notable backers include Ed Fries, best known as the co-creator of the orginal Xbox, Muffi Ghadiali, principal product manager for Amazon's Kindle devices, Amol Sarva, founder of mobile communication service Peek, and Pete Pham, co-founder of webcasting app Color.


The $99 target price puts it on the same level as the Roku 2 XS streaming player, while Vizio's $99 Co-Star, also running Android, is to come with built-in game streaming service OnLive. Sony's NSZ-GS7 Google TV box, with its swanky two-sided remote control, weighs in at $199.

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