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Baldur's Gate Remake to have DLC


A few monthes ago when the countdown clock on eventually reached zero and didn't announce a third game in the franchise, I'll admit, I was pretty disappointed. But I won't lie getting to have another go at one of my favourite games isn't such bad thing.

Now to make the prospect of running around Faerun a little sweeter, developer Beamdog has revealed that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will get some DLC after it is released. Company boss Trent Oster let the cat out of the bag with a recent tweet that said:

DLC=Downloadable Content, not furry earrings +3. The big guys have overcooked the term with badness. New BG storylines, New characters.

Now that tweet isn't exactly a smoking gun of a confession, but it's difficult to interpret it as anything other than DLC for the upcoming game. Now whether that will be paid for DLC is another story altogether.

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