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Mobile Gamers be Aware: Apps that eavesdrop

Mobile and iPad gaming are rapidly becoming the new way to show of your geek. The release of the iPad ensured that mobile gaming is no longer a medium frowned upon as being inferior and for ‘noob’ gamers. Apple products use its iCloud to ensure your game progress is safely stored in a real-time backup.  This is a convenient, easy to access and the fail-safe way to ensure those dam saved games don’t get lost or corrupted. All is well, right, innovation and technology have once again saved the day for gamers? Let’s take a closer look at what this iCloud actually contains, we might find more than your latest saved game in it.  

Yesterday one of my Facebook friends posted a link to this interesting article from IOL scitech; “Apps that track everything you do.” In short, it describes how the Apple’s iCloud  storage system not only serves as a tool to track down cell phone thieves, but how it can also be used by anyone having access to spying software to well, spy on the iPhone user. The iPhone boasts over 300 000 aps. It’s a platform where the user can literally display his or her life in full. Let’s take a closer look.


ElcomSoft chief executive Vladimir Katalov talks about the software used to access the data from the iCloud.

“In a sense, Phone Password Breaker becomes an alternative way to get access to a device’s content. With a valid Apple ID and a password, investigators can not only retrieve backups to seized devices, but access that information in real-time while the phone is still in the hands of a suspect.”  

Let’s add, or in the hands of its owner.  

In the same article, John Leyden  from The Registrar explains the iCloud as follows;  

“iCloud backups offer a near real-time copy of information stored on iPhones including emails, call logs, text messages and website visits. iCloud backups are incremental. When set up to use the iCloud service, iPhones automatically connect to iCloud network and backup their content every time a docked device gets within reach of a Wi-Fi access point.”  

We are living in a time where through technology humanity is being propelled into unimaginable heights of discovery and advancement. Technology is connecting all the dots; throwing a digital web that could include our most private moments and display our lives in a way we have not anticipated, and all you did was backup your phone. We are facing a time where the laws of privacy will have to be redefined.

Keep an eye on MWEB GameZone on Friday for the article, “All the world’s an e-stage”, where I take a hard look at the implications of a world that is totally connected. A digital world where its participants could inadvertently upload personal, sensitive information for preying eyes to dissect.

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