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Let's debate - Open World Games Suck

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Last Monday The Gareth Woods tied your panties into a knot with his "Stop complaining about DLC" and today he takes things up a notch with his sacrilegious belief that open world games suck.

"I have a few problems with supposedly "open world games" these days.

Seems lately every game being released keep shouting about how it's "open-world" or "sandbox." Like that's supposedly a good thing. I am yet to find an open world game that doesn't fill its gameplay with mindless "busy work" that feels like you're doing chores - hello! I play games to avoid doing my chores.

It's starting to feel like developers are spending more time building worlds with random things to see and do than actually creating a compelling story.  I don't go to a movie for the director to describe an amazing world and then have them say..." okay now make your own story...use your imagination.

Well check out the video and let me know if you agree that open world games suck!"

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