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'Infinity Blade' Epic's most profitable game

At the recent Game Developers Conference (GDC) in Taipei Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that the iPhone exclusive mobile game, Infinity Blade, is "the most profitable game we've ever made."


The fantasy themed game, developed by Chair Entertainment pulled in $30 million by January 2012 and its sequel, Infinity Blade II, made over $5 million in its first month on the App Store. As Sweeney explained " in terms of man years invested versus revenue, it's more profitable than Gears of War." Sweeney's comments stem from a speech he delivered at the GDC related to the future of gaming. In an industry where games have $100 million dollar budgets and require sales of 5 millions units to remain viable, Sweeney contends that such a model will become unsustainable.

Infinity Blade is proof positive that Triple-AAA development is not only possible with a smaller team, time frame - Infinity Blade developed in five months - and budget, but also immensely profitable.

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