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Leaked images of Rockstar's mysterious spy game Agent appear

Rockstar Agent.jpg

Reddit found a bunch of leaked screenshots from Rockstar's planned PlayStation 3 exclusive, Agent. The images was leaked by a Rockstar artist who claims he worked on Agent before moved to work on Grand Theft Auto V. 

"In his resume the artist said he worked on Agent from June 2009-2010 before he and his team moved on to GTA V's map building," states Reddit.

Rockstar first announced Agent in 2009 as an espionage game around the "darkest hours" of the 1970s. It's also not the first time someone who worked on Agent leaked images. In 2011 environmental artist Leigh Donoghue also leaked images. The latest Agent screenshots shows a town on a mountainside. In June 2009  Ben Feder, president of Rockstar parent company, Take-Two Interactive told Gamespot that:

"We think this has the potential to be yet another great Rockstar North franchise title. ... It's the Houser Brothers and Rockstar North. It's the A team working on an AAA title. I think the subject matter, the characters, the story, the environment, the background--all the elements are there. It's such a rich environment to play in." 

Here's a few of the leaked screenshots, you can check out the gallery here. It looks dated, so remember it's from work done in 2009.




It will be awesome if Rockstar makes Agent their next project.

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