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5 Ways Fallout 4 modders are taking the game to infinity and beyond

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War. War never changes; but Fallout 4 sure does, thanks to the plethora of amazing mods. The game has been out for just over a month and does not even have an official mod creation toolkit yet, which makes Fallout 4’s brilliant and innovative modding community all the more impressive. Here is a look at the five incredible ways Fallout 4’s mods are elevating the game to new heights.  

Get into the Star Wars spirit without leaving the wasteland

Ever wanted to become a Jedi without having to leave the comfort of Fallout 4’s post-apocalyptic setting? Well you’re in luck, as you can now download the Lightsaber Renew mod created by modder invalidfate. The equippable lightsabers come in four different color variants, with unique animations and their own light source.


What’s a lightsaber without a Darth Vader Helmet? Nothing! Thankfully, you can download the Darth Vader Helmet mod, also by modder invalidfate.

  Vader mask.jpg

Fallout 4’s base building offers almost unlimited potential. Although not a mod, an honorable mention has to go to YouTuber Ops_Specialist for creating a “fully functional” AT-AT with rooms inside, which you can check out in the video below.

Spectacular settlements to lounge around in

Tired of living in a run-down shack of a settlement with DeathClaws quite literally clawing at your doorstep? If so, you can download Spectacle City, a “city-like settlement” with high quality interiors created by modder dldoner. Click on the images for a better look.

spec 1.jpg

spec 2.jpg

spec 3.jpg

Lighten up your life with a mod called “Project Sanctuary” created by modder Skippy0330. The mod shows Sanctuary envisioned 200 years after Fallout 4, as a renewed paradise to live in.  




If you would like to build your own amazing settlements but don’t like the limited budget of resources available to build a mammoth settlement of your own, modder GrimTech has you covered with the mod aptly called “Higher Settlement Budget”, which you can download here.

Silly mods that can put a smile on the most hardened vault dweller’s face

There are some awesome, light-hearted mods out there that you can toy around with if the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4 gets a bit too serious for you. The Human Relocation Mod adds 100% knockback effect to several craftable weapons so you can make your foes fly to the moon with one shot.  You can download the mod and starting your “Bum Space Program” today courtesy of modder roumor.

Screenshots do not do the mod justice, so check out the video below.

The Buzz Lightyear Paladin Danse mod is available to download here, created by modder Trashlizard. To activate the mod, you need to have Danse as a follower and find some power armor for him, then equip power armor by pressing “T” to make him wear it.


Make Fallout 4 shine with graphical enhancements

My colleague Han Cilliers wrote an article this week entitled “Modders make Fallout 4 look damn good”, pointing out just how good Fallout 4 can look with graphical enhancement mods / presets. The absolute best I have seen so far comes in the form of the aptly named mod called “Improved and Expanded Everything ENBseries Preset - The Greatest Quality-Immersion Balance Known To Humanity” created by modder roxahris.

For our tech-savvy readers out there, the mod’s description reads:

“This is a preset for ENBseries that makes the game look better. Through the power of Temporal Luminance-Based Sharpening, Special Filmic Tonemapping, Hyper-Immersive Realistic Film Grain, Three-Dimensional Colour Grading, High-Quality S-Curve Contrast Adjustment, Cine-Bloom, and more, this brings you a graphical experience on the cutting edge between reality and dreams.

Everything is possible. Nothing is forbidden¹. Sharper than a 4k texture pack. More graphical fidelity than twenty ReShade presets stacked onto each other. Improved shaders. Improved shading. The look and feel of film. The sharpness of reality. The warmth of being wrapped up tightly on a winter day. All this, and more.” - Source

Click on the images below for a better look.

GFX 2.jpg

GFX 3.jpg


Weapon and Ammo mods gun-nuts will drool over

What’s a post-apocalyptic world without an array of weapons you can mod to no end? You can now place any mod on any weapon courtesy of the aptly named “Any Mod Any Weapon” mod created by modder LucasGod.

Gun Mods.jpg

Gun mod 2.jpg

Some Fallout 4 first-world problems include having looted a metric ton of weapons but having no place to store your arsenal. Modder SecretAgent99 has got you covered with a Functional Weapon Racks mod, so you can store and show off your deadly treasures.

Weapons rack.jpg

If ridiculous, over-the-top weapons are what you are after, look no further. The Mini Nuke Minigun mod by modder Bradenm650 will cause devastating explosions and destroy your enemies. The mod switches the ammo type for all of the game’s miniguns into miniature nukes, which allows the player to shoot nukes at fully-automatic firing speed.

mini nuke.jpg

mini nuke2.jpg

Watch the Mini Nuke Minigun in action below.

Fallout 4’s Patch 1.2 broke mod support, but if you still wish to install these amazing mods, you can follow the steps below. Thanks Tech Times.

  • Download Nexus Mod Manager here.
  • Open the Nexus Mod Manager, initially enabling the mods.
  • Launch Fallout 4, but don't hit the Play button.
  • Re-enable the mods via the Nexus Mod Manager, which were disabled when the game was launched.

What is your favorite Fallout 4 mod and which type of mod do you want to see in the future? Do you use any of the mods shown in this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

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