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Forza 4 is a better game than GT5: Metacritic.

Forza 4 is out and with it comes one of the biggest debates in the gaming world: Which is the best driving simulator on the market? Is it Gran Turismo 5 or Forza 4? GT5 had some crazy expectations that weren’t really met when it was released last year, especially after the years of development that went into it.

I’m tired of stupid fanboy comments, or forum threads of Biblical proportions on the matter. I’m tired of all the fanboy noise, so let’s settle the score once-off and forvever. To truly get to the heart of the matter, we need to ask the experts. And those are on Metacritic.

After a seasoned period of time where the scores have settled, Gran Turismo 5 is sitting at a good, but not great, 84/100. That score is based on 82 critic reviews. That’s an average of 82 experts who know what they’re talking about (for the most part). So it’s a good, honest gauge.

At this very moment, Forza 4 is sitting at an impressive 92/100. Fair enough, it’s only based on 40 critic reviews, but that’s still a lot of reviewers to get a solid average on the title.

The clear winner, by quite a few points, is Forza 4. It is, by critic standards, a better video game. And there’s little any internet-fanboy-trolls can say about it. But here’s the twist: All you Forza, 360 fanboys, you keep your mouths shut too. Just play and enjoy Forza. It’s not going to change the world if it’s a better game, and you shouldn’t take pride in seeing another developer’s game go under. This is gaming, and regardless of the scores or which is a better game, play the games you enjoy to play. I mean, people still play Trackmania 2

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