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Team South Africa returns from the 7th IeSF World Championship

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The Protea eSports Team recently arrived back to the sunnier shores of South Africa after their jaunt overseas at the International e-Sports Federation’s (IeSF) World Championships in Seoul, Korea.

The 7th iteration of the championships were hosted at the Nexon Arena from 2 to 5 December and saw South Africa send players to compete in League of Legends, Hearthstone and StarCraft 2. While the Proteas did not end in the medals for the championships, the reports from those on the ground claim an improved performance year on year.

This is partly echoed by the rise in the overall rankings by South Africa from 13th to 12th. It should be noted that the rankings are only based on countries that are members of IeSF and on the results achieved during the recent World Championships.

To achieve this placing, the League of Legends team (represented by Maryke 'Ykie' Kennard, Taylor 'elis' Rose, Matthew 'Feno' Smith, Vasudev 'Paga' Stringer and Cameron 'SexyB' Tilley) secured a victory against Iran but did not make it out of the group phase, losing to Switzerland and Thailand.

Nathan 'StatiC' Anderson bagged a win in StarCraft 2 and lost a match to Joona 'Serral' Sotala who went on to win the World championships. Wynand 'ViViD' Meiring picked up two victories in Hearthstone, but it was not enough to get him out of the group stages.

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Photo's courtesy of IeSF Facebook

Notable Achievements

While Serbia were crowned the overall champions of the 7th World Championships (with Korea placing second and China taking third), South Africa did secure a few important milestones at the event.

Maryke 'Ykie' Kennard became the first female to captain a League of Legends team at the IeSF World Championships, and even more notably, she became the first female take the Athlete's Oath on behalf of all participants on the request of IeSF Secretary General Mr. Alex Lim. The South Africa captain also went on to assist with shoutcasting alongside Reid 'RAPiD' Melton after his co-caster fell ill.

Photos from the team’s IeSF adventure can be found here.

National Championships this weekend

This weekend sees the South African National Championships conclude the year for the MSSA and will see hopefuls battle for the green and gold across multiple titles at HTS Witbank from Saturday. The LAN tournament – which also runs on Sunday – is the 29th edition of the National Championships and closes with the AGM.

The MSSA has announced that for the CS: GO portion of the tournament the recently released R8 revolver will not be allowed unless Valve released a patch for the weapon before Sunday.

In Closing

As always, I expect the comments to be filled with the usual vitriol and complaints, but the fact of the matter is the team and players that represented South Africa were the ones that put their hands up to participate in the trials. If you believe you could (or know someone who could) do better, then there are opportunities to do so by keeping tabs on the 2016 calendar of events or by following or liking MSSA on their social media platforms.

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