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Rainbow Six Siege Review Roundup: A Multiplayer Shooter Like No Other

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Rainbow Six Siege sounds fascinating. According to some critics the gameplay is so real it borders on the uncanny valley and demands cautious, tactical teamplay. According to Wired, Rainbow Six Siege is "unlike anything else in the mainstream multiplayer shooter genre," with Eurogamer adding that it's "one of the best multiplayer experiences of the year." Unfortunately, many also report server issues, but the good news is that it also sounds like those issues are being resolved. For once, most critics and Steam user reviews agree that Siege is a game worth playing - even despite its launch issues, no campaign and lack of variety. The reason for the positive feedback is because the game delivers in what fans expect from a Rainbow Siege game.

The original Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (1998) was my first co-op squad shooter, it was also one of the best I ever played. I loved how the game demanded our attention and forced us to think tactical. So far it sounds like although 2015's Siege isn't as innovative as the original, it does deliver that same demand for tactical teamwork and execution.

TL;DR Roundup

  • Wired: This Thing Is Disturbingly Real
  • PC Gamer 90/100: an intense, hyper-focused, game
  • Destructoid 8/10: A new taste of Rainbow
  • Eurogamer: one of the best multiplayer experiences of the year
  • Kotaku: a midpoint between Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.
  • Gamesradar 4.5/5: fresh in a genre mostly concerned with movement.
  • IGN: leaves us wanting more – a little too much more.

Rainbow Six Siege Review | Wired


This Thing Is Disturbingly Real

Ubisoft’s latest tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, adopts a striking bent towards a unique brand of pseudo-realism. Siege evokes a perverse version of the uncanny valley. It mixes the over-the-top, arcade-style renditions of violence games often lean towards with the gut-wrenching reality that we are, in fact, remarkably fragile. Siege is unlike anything else in the mainstream multiplayer shooter genre. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the game’s pernicious connectivity problems. Throughout the game’s open beta weekend and well into its launch on Monday, Rainbow Six Siege has been, at best, occasionally functional.

Rainbow Six Siege review | PC Gamer 90/100

PC Gamer.png

an intense, hyper-focused, game

Rainbow Six Siege is an accessible and deeply satisfying shooter that rewards planning and teamwork over a quick trigger finger. Siege makes me sweat enough. More than enough. So much, that I have trouble playing it for long stretches. It’s an intense, hyper-focused, game—’game’ in italics for emphasis. In italics because it’s possible to talk about Siege in the same watercooler conversations as CS:GO or Dota 2. In italics because they look cool and so is Siege. It makes no bones about what it is and nearly no compromises for its design as a Tactical Multiplayer Shooter, and I admire Siege for that. Most tactical games take a while to get there: the tipping point where I’m no longer struggling with controls, communication, or match flow.

After the first match in a typical game of Siege, I know my role, my team and I have developed a relationship, and we’re settling into a unique rhythm. For a game with so many branches of complexity and potential, Siege is the only shooter I know that encourages such tactical depth, player expression, and creative teamplay. It’s a game that wastes no time getting to the primal, creative, social, everything core of what makes competition so much fun.   

Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | Destructoid 8/10


A new taste of Rainbow

The original Rainbow Six was one of the first squad shooters I ever played, outside of the Delta Force series (both debuted in the same year). Rainbow Six Siege isn't nearly as innovative, but it's a really good excuse to blow things to bits and think tactically at the same time.Rainbow Six Siege has a lot going for it when it comes to the long haul. While three modes doesn't sound like a lot, the sheer volume of variables involved will result in an experience that constantly stays fresh, even with the current pool of 11 maps. While a few other major shooters have let me down this year, I think Siege is one of the games I'll be playing the most going forward.

Rainbow Six Siege review | Eurogamer


one of the best multiplayer experiences of the year

Rainbow Six is revived as an exciting multiplayer experience that's occasionally compromised by its eSports ambitions. As is the wisdom in releasing a full-priced game that's effectively a single multiplayer mode offered in a slim variety of flavours. Rainbow Six Siege is happy to look to the wider world of eSports, yet unlike its inspiration it neglects to lower the price of entry, which is an odd decision: Ubisoft seems torn between a typical big-budget release and a more focussed multiplayer shooter, and the rift often shows. But what a multiplayer mode it is. If you're able to pull together a squad of friends, and able to make the plans necessary to see this at its best, there's nothing quite like it. Measured, tactical and frequently surprising, Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best multiplayer experiences of the year - but it comes at a cost.

A Few Hours With Rainbow Six Siege | Kotaku


a midpoint between Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.

Functionally speaking, Rainbow Six Siege feels like a midpoint between Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. The shooting is straightforward enough and you’re not necessarily down for the count if you eat a few bullets, but cautious, tactical teamplay is still your best bet. Lone wolves can do some damage, but they can’t (usually) bring down the house. Each match offers its own surprises—shrapnel blizzards of player creativity and eternity-milliseconds of white-hot terror. That said, it hardly has anything in the way of non-multiplayer options, and there are only a few main modes.

And yet, it’s going for $60. That’s a tall asking price for a game of this sort, let alone one that may or may not have much lasting value. If you absolutely need a new tactical shooter right now, this one’s definitely fun. But if you’re a cautious and tactical sort with your wallet as well as in video games, I’d say probably hold off—at least for a little bit.

Review: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | Gamesradar 4.5/5


fresh in a genre mostly concerned with movement.

Rainbow Six Siege’s calculating, climactic confrontations feel fresh in a genre mostly concerned with movement. You’re less headbutting ram and more coiled snake here. Microtransactions and a lack of singleplayer activities count against it, but there’s nothing quite like laying a laser tripwire over a window, crouching in a cupboard, and waiting to pounce on the next person through it.

Review in progress: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | IGN

Rainbow Six Siege pulls me in opposite directions at the same time. On the one hand, the moment-to-moment gameplay experience is fantastic. Every second of the short rounds matter, walls and floors won’t protect you, and sound tactics win matches. But, like other 2015 multiplayer-focused shooters such as Evolve and Star Wars Battlefront, there’s not a lot of there there. My time with Siege so far leaves me feeling like this Rainbow Six revival is a skeleton with not a lot of meat on its bones.

For South African gamers - I know about that question you're burning to ask. The answer at the moment is no; we don't have anything to report about local servers for Rainbow Six Siege. As always, though, we try our best to provide servers for as many games as possible.

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