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About local Star Wars Battlefront servers

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Many have asked the question, and while we would like to offer up only positive news regarding the question of whether there will be local servers for Star Wars Battlefront, the answer is actually “no”. At least, not at launch.

What we have established so far is that EA seem to not be following the same process as with a Battlefield title, in that the game servers appear to be managed and deployed by EA themselves. So seemingly a very similar situation as with Titanfall. Given that this game is developed by DICE, the same team that works on Battlefield, we had assumed the server process would follow a similar route, however this is clearly not the case.

As soon as we found out from our partners at that they would not be hosting servers for Star Wars Battlefront, the MWEB GameZone team have been trying to hunt down contacts within EA to facilitate a discussion on how we can provide locals servers. We have been through contacts here at Prima Interactive (distributors of EA titles) and we have even stalked possible contacts via LinkedIn. Sadly, while we have had correspondence back from senior EA managers, we have not made any progress finding the right contacts that are in a position to make a decision. We will keep trying.

Despite the closest location for servers (that we are aware of) being in the UK and Europe, our experience from the Beta was that the lag compensation made the game playable. As we are a team of gamers ourselves at MWEB GameZone, we understand the needs and wants of the gamer and we will continue to try and organise servers for local gamers. However, the final decision is not within our control.

We will keep you updated on any progress made in this regard.

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