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Black Ops III Launch is Electrifying: Megarom go full on military for the event

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Yes, it’s that time again. The year is drawing to an end and stress levels are at their highest as everyone frantically scurries to finish their work so that they can ease into the December holidays. There goes another year, and here comes another Call of Duty. The more things change the more they stay the same, right?


A poster in the chill room

But let’s not get into a rant about that particular subject. The point of this article is obviously to give you a view of what the Black Ops III launch event was like. Graeme Selvan, PR Manager at Megarom Interactive, had been hinting that they had something extraordinary planned for this particular release, and the team certainly out did themselves this time.  Staying true to the themes of the game, Selvan and company put together a day at Black Ops Advanced Tactical Laser Tag in Johannesburg to celebrate the release of Black Ops III. And yes, there were actually zombies crawling around the arena. A highly appropriate choice given the game's zombie mode.


A preview of things to come

I’ll get back to the actual event a little later in the article. First, let’s talk about the reason for the event. We were given a lot of hands on time with Black Ops III, courtesy of 10 PS4’s all networked together. I was a bit apprehensive about trying the multiplayer component of the game because I play about 99% of my First Person Shooters on my PC (Halo on my Xbox is the only exception). And in all honestly the extent of my multiplayer experience with the franchise is limited to a couple of hours LANing Modern Warfare.


The game awaits

To my surprise it was extremely easy to get into the game and actually compete. I am enormously impressed with how accessible it is. The game play is fast, smooth, and never boring (granted this might be a layman’s opinion). We caught up with Graeme to ask him why he’s excited about the game and why people still keep coming back to the franchise after so many entries.

I didn’t play enough of the game to be able to give you a full review, but I do need to mention both my non-gamer wife and I are extremely excited to get our hands this title. Perhaps our editor will be generous enough to organise us a copy or two so that we can do a review of the new co-op campaign…


Gearing up 

That brings me to the event itself. The day started with a briefing on all the equipment that we would be using as well as an explanation of the rules of the game. You can see from the pictures that the guns and arena are extremely authentic and realistic. All of the firearms contain gas-filled magazines that provide a moderate amount of recoil, similar to firing a paintball gun, when you pull the trigger. On top of that you can choose to fit-yourself with a shock belt that sends a very painful electric current through your abdomen if you get shot.


Glimpses of the arena

Media representatives at the event were divided into teams of 5 and given turns to play other teams in either Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill style games. As I mentioned, we also had to deal with the small matter of zombies lurking around every corner – getting too close to them meant you received a jolt of electricity and a trip back to the respawn point. The fact that the guns recoiled, and knowing that your opponents received an excruciating shock whenever they got hit made the games highly rewarding and very exhilarating.


Don't be afraid of the dark 

The team at Megarom are clearly going to a massive effort to create buzz and awareness around the titles that they are distributing. We were highly impressed with their Assassin Creed Syndicate launch party, and they certainly stepped up their game with the Black Ops III event. Everyone from Megarom was very approachable and always willing to talk about the game or pose for pictures. The entire day was a superb, well thought out experience that definitely left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to see what they have in store for future releases.

Photos by Madeyoulook Photography

Madeyoulook* Photography: YouTube | Facebook / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook

"there were actually zombies crawling around the arena"

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