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Fallout 4 Leaks Everywhere


As Fallout 4 gets closer to release, more and more leaks are starting to pop up on the internet. For example, leaked screenshots from the PS4 version has shown off various locations, Vault-Tec and Pip-Boy information, while high quality screenshots on the PS4 show missing shadows when compared to the E3 footage.

The latest leak comes in the form of a Reddit post that has revealed some very interesting new information on the game from active /r/fo4 member –Isus-. Here is all the new information gathered, from a new weapon type to an answer on a hardcore mode and previously unknown Perks.

(Please keep in mind that the leak’s original source comes from a Spanish forum from a Fallout 4 tester. At the time of writing we can not confirm if all the information is 100% accurate.)

Fallout 4 - Latest leaks

Leaked information dumps can be confusing at times, so I've sorted all the new information into categories for your convenience.

No Hardcore mode (thirst/hunger/fatigue):

“The only difference between the six modes (from very easy to survival) apart from the obvious damage dealt/received multiplier, is the higher the difficulty the greater the chance to find LEGENDARY ENEMIES with a star in their avatar. They are though and more likely to have unique loot than normal enemies.”


  • “No weapon “condition” confirmed.”
  • New type of weapon damage - Radiation

Power Armor:

  • “The Power Armor (PA) needs a fusion core to run. They now seem to run out as there's a perk related to its duration.”
  • “When in PA your carry weight threshold and your resistance are way higher but you are much slower. You can enter buildings with the PA without any problem.”


  • “In terms of dialogue, often we can choose between an aggressive or a diplomatic way. Charisma is key when we have to deal with some situations. It seems that we can't go back in the dialogue to choose another option. (e g if you decide to choose a theme of conversation you can have other themes cut off.)
  • Now some dialogue options are colored to indicate the chance of success depending on our charisma level (red, orange, green).”


  • “We'll get a message or notification when our settlements are under attack. We have to manage the population, food, security, water...If we let one of our settlements be assaulted we will lose some of our people.”

Character creation:

  • You can not choose your own height in Fallout 4, but you can modify your body type.

Stealth mode and cover system:

  • “The Cover System is contextual. We don't have to press any button, just walk towards the object we want to cover with (wall,car...) then when we aim we expose ourselves."
  • "Stealth mode is similar to Skyrim but much more improved according to the tester."
  • "Lots of perks related to stealth and theft.”

New Perks revealed:

  • New Perk (Luck 5): "You're not idiot...! Just different. Randomly receive three times EXP (experience points) for any action. The lower your intelligence, the greater the chance"
  • New Perk (End 9): Ghoul: "Of course, you are still human...Externally! Now radiation regenerates health."
  • New Perk (Str 10):Pain Train: "Choo choo! All aboard! If you are equipped with a Power Armor, sprint to the enemies to bash them and hurt them. Robotic and huge enemies wont bash."
  • New Perk (Per 7): Reflect: "You are like a mirror! Get +10 resistance to energy damage."
  • New Perk (Int 9): Nuclear physicist: "You have learnt to split the atom...and master it! Radiation weapons do 50% more damage and fusion cores last 25% more."

Bethesda on Leaked images/videos and streams

Bethesda doesn't like all the leaks in the form of images, streams or videos that are being shared on their forums. Bethesda's Global Community Lead forum administrator had this to say:

"Head's up that we're not allowing links/images/streams/videos to be shared in the forums prior to the release of the game. Folks that are currently sharing assets either have a copy they shouldn't have or are breaking terms of our NDA with them.

If you see something you think shouldn't be posted, you're welcome to PM me, but let's wait to share this stuff until the game is actually out -- posting leaked content will lead to warnings, suspensions, and possibly even a forum ban."

November 10th is right around the corner -- let's keep the spoilers out until then." - Source


What do you think about the new information revealed? Are you disappointed that there will be no hardcore mode in Fallout 4? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Fallout 4 releases on November 10 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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