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This past weekend saw the culmination of around six months of action in the MWEB GameZone Masters Series for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

After two online qualifiers per title, the top four teams from each descended on the MCave at the MWEB head offices in Cape Town for two days of action in a LAN environment in front of an auditorium of spectators and (at times) 1,000s of viewers on the Twitch channel.

Of course, while the teams and players were all in line to win their share of the R44,000 cash prizes up for grabs, the spectators also stood a chance of walking away with an Acer 144Hz full HD monitor, a Proline smartphone and various Raru vouchers, meaning there was as much reason to spectate the event as there was to participate in the event. Of course, I’d like to think that the opportunity to watch the top teams in the country in action would’ve been reason enough to attend.

Desmond Kurz with Cristiano dos Ramos (Raru voucher winner) and Clint Smith (Proline phone winner)

The semi-finals for both Call of Duty (played on Xbox One) and Counter-Strike were played on Saturday, with the third and fourth playoff for Counter-Strike closing out the day. The teams all returned on the Sunday to watch the conclusion of the Call of Duty (including the third and fourth playoff) and Counter-Strike. The results of the matches were as follows:

Astra_Infinite and eN_F34R (Call of Duty)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

The teams appeared to need to shake off some LAN rust in the Call of Duty segment, as the last LAN tournament many of the teams had played in was back in May at EGE. However, once the players hit their stride, it was all action with Sunday’s two matches being particularly thrilling.

Semi-final 1 (Saturday): eN_F34R 0 – 3 Astra Infinite
Semi-final 2 (Saturday): Ventus Xero 3 – 0 Insane Gaming

3rd and 4th Playoff (Sunday): eN_F34R 3 – 2 Insane Gaming

Final (Sunday): Astra Infinite 3 – 1 Ventus Xero

Ventus Xero (2nd place) and Astra_Infinite (1st place)

Final standings:

The matches were shoutcasted over the weekend by HoldenZA and CS1977.

Energy eSports and Bravado Gaming (Counter-Strike)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Counter-Strike tournament featured arguably the best of South Africa’s current generation all in one venue, but it was Bravado Gaming that really set the playing standard from the start, and when needed showed that their recent international experience has given them all the big match temperament needed to take the games on a knife edge.  

Semi-final 1 (Saturday): Bravado Gaming 2 – 0 Energy eSports
Semi-final 2 (Saturday): CarboN eSports 2 – 0 Aperture Gaming

3rd and 4th Playoff (Saturday): Energy eSports 2 – 1 Aperture Gaming

Final (Sunday): Bravado Gaming 2 – 0 CarboN eSports

CarboN eSports (2nd place) and Bravado Gaming (1st place)

Final standings:

The matches were shoutcasted over the weekend by CongoKyle and Honey.

One of the Acer monitor winners and Raru voucher winner


Digital and Gaming Manager at MWEB Desmond Kurz had this to say about the weekend:

"It was a real honour for the MWEB GameZone team to host some of South Africa’s top gaming talent. What was also particularly satisfying was to see the supporters that came out to spectate the event. The players spend an enormous amount of hours honing their competitive skills and it’s great to see these supporters coming out to enjoy and appreciate their efforts. eSport is a massive spectator draw card overseas, so it’s good to see that we are starting to get traction in this regard."

The entertainment value of the matches across the weekend cannot be ignored, and for that, all the teams are to be commended for adding to the spectator value.

The around 180 spectators that attended also added tremendously to the atmosphere over the weekend, and looking towards the future of eSports in South Africa, the growth of the scene will be determined by growing spectator support (both at the venues and via the live streams).


The added value from the sponsors – Acer, Proline and Raru – can of course not be underestimated, so a massive thanks to them for their support.

However, the event would not have happened without the behind-the-scenes crew of box carriers, shoutcasters, tech support and admins, so take a bow for your efforts all, and get ready for more in 2016.

We will follow up and conclude the MGMS 2015 season with some interviews from the teams that participated, so remember to pop in later this week for more from the MWEB GameZone Masters Series.

For more photos from the event, you can head to the photo album on Facebook.

Clint: Twitter / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook

"the growth of the scene will be determined by growing spectator suppor"

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